Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Blog Happy 2014

Hi all,

The blog has been neglected for the last few months.  I am going to try to start writing every day.  It might only be a few paragraphs but am going to try to share with you what goes on around the shelter each day.  Keep in mind I am not a professional writer, so I promise you will find mistakes :)



BRRRR  it is cold!!  The US & UK are gripped in crazy weather!  Got up to 12 degrees this morning.
The cats are warm,  patios are closed against the wind and heaters are on.    ET & chicken have a heat lamp in their house.  They weren't smart enough to be sitting under it but it is there if they get too cold.  The donkeys have a barn to go in,  they were standing outside eating hay in the wind  (there is hay inside their barn also)  The cows next door are out in the pasture.  The pigs were walking around in the yard,  not sure if they slept in the pigs house or barn.   The farm animals seem to be able to stand the cold.    Temps are supposed to warm up towards the weekend and will be 70 for open house :)

Box opening last night was fun.  Joey is very good at walking on the wheel.

 Buddy can walk if you tempt him but he doesn't choose to do it on his own.   Waffle is quite the little walker on the wheel too.

Had lots of boxes last night from our Amazon wish list  http://amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/14VUTQST8F5XH
If you want to send one to the cats, you can watch us open them live on http://ustream.tv/blindcatrescue

Thank you to Sara Meyer for the trash bags, food & scratch & rest!
Thank you Jennifer Parrett for the 2 tiki cats!
Thank you Ferrill Hicks for the gauze sponges & dishwashing soap 5 pack!
Thank you Karin Burns for the beautiful towels!
Thank you Bridget for all the slices of cake beds!!
Thank you Benjamin Rothrock for the food!
Thank you Lori Slivensky for the hurricane cat toy!
Thank you Wayne Peters for all the gauze sponges!
Thank you Pamela Campbell for the cat tents, food, magic erasers & trashbags in memory of Kiely

Sadly amazon does not always tell us who you are so we can't put your names but please know how grateful we are!

Thank you unnamed for the trashbags, Privacy tent and looney loop toys!
Thank you unnamed for the magic erasers!
Thank you unnamed for the scratch and rest,  steel bowl & food!
Thank you unnamed for the 5 pack of dish soap!

We will be opening boxes Tuesday night.    Wednesday night we do not do boxes.  Diane is on her way to visit from Florida... she will be our guest box opener on Thursday and Friday nights.   We will also be opening boxes on Saturday after open house.

Manxi and Rayne are still at the vets on fluids.    

Rayne is fighting a nasty upper respiratory infection   and Manxi we are not sure what kind of infection we are dealing with but her blood work shows that we have something going on.  They are going to spend one more night in the hospital on fluids and IV antibiotics before coming home.

Shelter Challenge is back and we are trying to win $5,000 !!  That will help pay for approx 1 month of regular checkup vet bills  (every cat gets a yearly checkup including blood work, fecals, etc. also dental s if needed)

It is a vote EVERY DAY contest :)     Here is the link:  http://www.shelterchallenge.com/

They made it a little bit confusing to get signed up.  If you need step by step directions,  we made some for you at   http://blindcatrescue.com/vote.htm

We hope you will share on your social media accounts :)

Thank you for all you do for the cats!!  We hope everyone says warm and safe today!!