Friday, January 31, 2014


Good afternoon  :)    We are having a heat wave!  22 degrees this morning,   45 at 12:30   supposed to make it to 50 for the next 2 days and then 60's for Sunday.  With some additional help of a little rain,  this white stuff on the ground will be gone  :)   YEAH!  I have fallen several times so will be glad for the slick stuff to be gone :)   And today everything should be unfrozen enough that I can water horses etc :)


The cats say thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list

and our other wish lists!

Thank you Susan Corvino for the Denamarin & Gain!
Thank you Elizabeth Hawkins for the food!
Thank you Pamela Barraza for the scratch and rest!
Thank you for the Amazon gift card!  We bought food :)
Thank you Kashmir, Isis, Manny, Angeles, Bibi and; kitties for the foods!
Thank you Paul Bovis for the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you everyone so much for your kindness and generosity!!


Sweet Angel is just as sweet as her name.  Angel has been with us the longest,  
She arrived with the late Maggie in early 2006 from a rescue in Florida.
When she arrived she had microphtalmia eyes as you can see in the picture.
Micro eyes means small eyes,  and to complicate hers,  she had
at some point in her life had a bad eye infection so she was 
completely blind.  We did not remove her eyes until 2012 when
she began having infections of the sockets.  Removing the eye
tissue and closing the sockets stopped the problems.

Her sponsor "Cat" is from France and has sponsored her from the start.  
She was our first sponsor :)

You will see her today live on

Angel,  early 2009

Angel shows she likes the scratch and rest  :)

Product Review  Egg Shaped Pod

As you can see, this pod is a favorite of the cats.

Pros:   It is large enough for 2 cats to snuggle in.  Is plastic,  will last for many years.  If they urinate in it,  it is easy to clean up.

Con:   If the cats flip it over it will fit flat on the floor.  There has been reports of animals flipping it,  unable to get out from under it and dying from lack of fresh air.

We drilled 2 large holes in it... one you can see above Angels back
and a second one on the very bottom of the house.  If it flips,  there can be air exchange.

The cats love this pod,  To get one for your cats,  you may find it at:

Just remember to drill a couple of holes in it :)


Checker & Jake


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 The $5,000 first prize will help provide approx 1 month of vet bills!

Autumn will be home this afternoon,  you should see her during the
 3 pm tour and all day tomorrow on Ustream