Thursday, January 9, 2014



We are having a heat wave (smile) actually 30 at 6 am  and supposed to be in the 50's today.  YEAH!

Took Diane & her partner out yesterday to show them around town... was a nice day getting a way for a few hours.    Went out to feed the horses supper and found a broken pipe spewing water everywhere.  NOT happy!!   Fixed it and seems that the glue is holding..fingers crossed!

Got the biopsy back for Autumn.  It is cancer.  Waiting for the oncologist to call today so we know our options to help her.  If you believe in prayer,  she needs it.

Baron is supposed to be coming down this afternoon.   Diane & Bill will be doing boxes tonight :)

Please remember to vote,  we are now in second place :(     and please share.

Cats are going to the groomer today  :)    Don't forget open house is this weekend.  If you are coming,  we would be grateful for your used towels :)

Hope everyone stays warm and safe today