Saturday, February 23, 2013

The "Little Things" About L.T.

The "Little Things" about L.T.

LT  is short for Little Thing, and a little thing she is!
She is just over a year old.
She is a very petite little lady with tons of energy and never-ending

L.T. came to BCR in May of 2012 from animal control in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Many people helped her on her journey. One couple picked her up and took her to their vet, and another couple helped transport her here. When she arrived she looked as though she was about 6 weeks old, judging by her size. However the vet determined that she was actually around 16 weeks old. That is why she was called "Little Thing", and later, L.T.

This little girl loves drinking her water from a fountain. She also loves Halo's Spot's Stew dry kibble. She is not picky about which flavor it is, either! When it comes to wet food she loves all the flavors in the Weruva Variety pack! These foods can be found on our BCR Amazon Wishlist!!

L.T. loves playing with any cat who is in the mood, but most often plays with Sterling and Morris. Here she can be seen "peeking" out the door into the lobby. She must have been "talking" to Miss Carrie.

Her favorite toy is the crinkle tunnel. Running through it and peeking her head out of the hole provides L.T. with hours of entertainment! Like the other cats, she also loves the crinkle balls and springs. Who can resist a toy that flies across the floor when you bat at it? Not L.T.!!!
You can also find these toys on the BCR Amazon Wishlist.

We could not leave out L.T.'s favorite game; Grab the Broom! 

It takes a little longer to sweep her room, but it is so much fun!!!

L.T. is very curious, as most cats are, but she will sit and listen when you talk to her and say her name. She even tilts her head from side to side to show she is listening. Although she is curious, she is also very shy around new people. It can take a while for her to get comfortable with someone new petting her, but....secretly(shhhh) she loves to be held and cuddled. 

* Thanks to Lauren for writing and the great photos

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