Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Good morning,   what crazy weather,  40 and sunny.  Supposed to have a cold front with rain and snow this afternoon.  Fun to feed the horses in,  NOT!

Talked to the hospital last night.  They did Autumn's  abdominal CT and did not find anything indicating the cancer had spread.  They feel it is localized which is wonderful!!   She has a very good chance of a cure or at least a long life.  I call the hospital this morning.  She ate well last night, rested comfortably and tolerated her first treatment fine.  She will have her 2nd treatment today around 9:30 am and should be ready to go home with Bill around 11.   We will try to have Bill Skype her in for a few minutes at 6:30 during chat/boxes.

Journey is still at the vets office.  Don't know what is going on with her.  Waiting on blood work to come back today.

Last night was the first time Garfield had participated in boxes.  He thought they were ok to lay on but sure wasn't sure about all the activity.

Thank you to everyone that donated gifts to the cats from our wish lists!

Sadly we often do not get told your names and we are never provided with your contact information so we can not personally contact you to say thank you.  Please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness and generosity!!

Thank you Sharon El-Saadi for the beautiful blankets!
Thank you Marianne Connolly for the doxycyline!
Thank you Amy Skaggs for the weruva pouches!
Thank you melinda Simon for the freshstep!
Thank you Romy Hamilton for the tiki cat food and toys!
Thank you unnamed for the ear cleaners!
Thank you Shalon Kincaid for the scratch & rest

Garfield likes the scratch & rest!

Thank you Brenda Cozad for the weruva food and bounce dryer sheets!
Thank you Roni Joseph for the petfusion scratcher!
Thank you Eric McBee for the trash bags!
Thank you Julie Maroon for the halo food and toy!
Thank you Vollstedit-Daadouche for the cord cover, cherry blankets, medicine bottles and stainless steel bowls!
Thank you Elizabeth Fisher for the Halo, freshstep and magic erasers!
Thank you unnamed for the 2 tiki cat foods!
Thank you Robin Jones for the undercover mouse!
Thank you unnamed for the trash bags!

We also discovered Garfield loves catnip!

We will have tour today at noon & 3 pm EST
Chat at 6 pm and boxes at 6:30 pm EST

We hope you are watching the cats live today on http://ustream.tv/blindcatrescue

Please remember to vote!
We are in first place with a prize of $5,000,  every vote is very important !