Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Good morning!  20 degrees and shockingly the weather man got it a little bit right.  We do have approx 1 inch of snow on the ground.    Lots less than the 4-8 they predicted, phew!!

To show you how crazy they are in the area regarding snow.  They predicted that the snow would start around lunch time so schools closed yesterday and today with NO SNOW on the ground,  just because it was predicted!   Daycare's closed at noon,  with NO SNOW on the ground!!   We had no afternoon staff because Stephanie's daycare closed.   Crazy huh?   Today I have no idea how much staff I will have at 8:30,  have no idea if I will have afternoon staff or not.  Guess I will find out as this morning progresses.

Helped my daughter get her furniture moved yesterday :)    Will tackle all the rest tomorrow.  Praying hard that I have enough staff here so I can take 1/2 the day off to finish moving her.

This picture was taken at 5:30 am  it of course was dark outside.... you can see the snow


Thank you so much to everyone that sent gifts to the cats from our wishlist

Thankyou Katherine Stevens for the medicines!
Thank you Taru for the bed, toys and wonderful chocolate!  (we humans sure love chocolate!)
Thank you Precious Culp for the toy!
Thank you Amber Nadeau for the foods!
Thank you Cathy Erickson for the food and bowls!
Thank you Kelly Adams for the food, trashbags, magic erasers and bowls!
Thank you Cathy Erickson for the bowls!
Thank you Diane Shoemaker for the bowls and food!
Thank you April Lebahn for the toys and foods!
Thank you Ellen Robinson for the swiffter dusters!
Thank you unnamed people that sent toys, food, and cotton tips!

We appreciate all of your generosity and kindness!!

Scotty keeping guard on the boxes

Nicky took over Popcorn's princess bed sent by Taru

Mickey & Mindy in the summer

Did you know that pigs are very smart?
 They are able to problem solve and work together to solve it?
Because it has been so cold I have been putting hay outside for the donkeys AND
putting hay in 2 of the barn stalls for them also.  The donkeys are not very smart,  they will stand outside in the cold wind, rain and not go in the barn to eat.

I have one stall that I had put straw in for the pigs.  They have another building to sleep in with lots of straw, but when the 2 new ones showed up, I wasn't sure if the black pigs would allow the white pigs in  (I have not taken a picture of the white pigs yet)  I noticed that the stall with the straw is filling up with hay.  The stalls with hay will have little hay left and there is hay all over the isles from the hay being moved.  I found out why.  The pigs were together using their noses and moving the hay into the other stall to give themselves more hay to burrow in to stay warm.     Really smart animals!

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