Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day!!

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Interview with Christina

Snickers:  Hiya, BCR-ers!  We've just added the newest member of the BCR family!  I'm so excited!!  Aren't you?? No Pressure though!   Please make a warm welcome for Christina!!  Many of you may be familiar with her from the box openings but I thought we would interview her in a little more detail.  First things first..

Snickers:  Where is it that you live, Christina?

Christina:  I also reside in St Pauls, NC.. not far from you and the other furbabies at all!! 

Snickers:  You do seem to have a lot of love for, as you say, furbabies.  Do you have any babies of your own?  furry or not?

Christina: I'm a mother of two wonderful girls, ages twelve and ten, and they are thrilled about my new job at BlindCat.  Our family as a whole are huge.. no, wait.. HUGE animal lovers!!  My first day out to BlindCat, my girls yelled from the porch as I pulled away "you make sure you do your best so you can be with the kitties!" So sweet those girls are! I also have my own furbaby.  Her name is Princess FiFi.  She is a beautiful long hair, black and white with big bright wonderful eyes.

Snickers:  Maybe you could give her my number but I digress.  How are you enjoying being here at BCR?

Christina:   I've been at BCR for about a week now and it's so great.  The people here and all of you are amazing and so welcoming.  Then there are the cats, oh the cats!  They are fantastic!  So many sweet and loving guys in one place!  I'm having a great time at BCR even if it's chasing Mickey all over.. that scamp!

Snickers:  That Mickey is something!  Aside from Mickey, how are the other cats treating you?

Christina:  Since I've been at BCR, I've felt nothing but warmth and love from sweet kisses from Ms. Zoe to my latest hairstyle from Chester.  I could go on for days about each of those fabulous babies.

Snickers:  Well, you're doing a pretty okay job so far...  we'll see if you can handle it or not.  ^.^

Christina:  I'm so tired and sore but oh my gee golly, it couldn't be more rewarding.  I'm so lucky to have gotten this opportunity and I hope to make all these guys and you happy I was chosen!

Snickers:  Christina, i'm so glad that you have taken the time to sit down with us and introduce yourself to all of us and the wonderful people that help us everyday.

Christina:  Thank you for having me, Snickers.  I hope to be around for a very long time!!

There you have it.  Our newest gal, Christina.  She is our newest night helper and look for her during tour time.  Time for me to go!  I have official kitty business to attend to..  Bye, all!