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Manx Cat Tales with BCR's Bear

Ever run across a kitty with no tail?  It's possible that the cat lost its tail due to an accident or injury.  However, that cat might also be a manx cat - a cat born with no tail.  BCR's handsome Bear is a manx cat.  There are lots of stories about how manx cats came to be - from the legend that this cat was late boarding Noah's Ark and lost it's tail when Noah was shutting the doors, to a more science-based theory that they were first bred several hundred years ago on the Isle of Man off the cost of Britain.  Manx is one of the oldest breeds of cats has been recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association and the International Cat Association.  However, manx is not recognized in the country of its origin - the UK!  Bear is a handsome solid orange kitty but manx cats can also be calico, tabby, or bi-color.  Unlike other cat breeds, their  heads and ears are usually more rounded.  With back legs longer than their front legs, manx cats often have an unusual gait when they wal

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