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Dymystifying Tube Feeding Your Cat

At some time in your cat's life, they may experience an injury or illness that will make a feeding tube necessary to ensure they get the nutrition they need to recover.  Everything from a broken jaw to not feeling well enough to eat to recovering from surgery can mean you'll need to learn to feed your cat with a feeding tube.  Many of the BCR cats have had feeding tubes for different reasons - Wifi for his broken jaw, Sandy, Lisa and other cats had them while fighting infections or illnesses. While the idea of doing this seems like it would hurt your cat, that isn't the case, and though it may seem like something you couldn't learn how to do, it is possible.  An added bonus for using a feeding tube is that any medications your cat needs during recovery can also be given to them that way, which means less stress for you and your cat.  Cats who consistently get the nutrition and hydration they need tend to recover faster. There are two kinds of feeding tubes generally use

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