Monday, January 13, 2014


Good morning,  38 degrees this morning,  nice to have it above freezing :)

Shelter Challenge is being a serious challenge to our nerves (smile)  we got within  1/2 of 1 percent at one point yesterday.  We are back to .6  from first place this morning.   Your vote is so important.  Please also make sure all your family members have valid email address's and are voting.  Every vote counts.  The $5,000 first place will help pay for a months vet bills.

Thank you for all the gifts from our Amazon wish list

and our Walmart Gift List    First name: blind   Last name: rescue

Thank you Mark McDonald for the freshstep!
Thank you Andrea Dow for the kitten toy!
Thank you Irene Cannata for the filter carbon!
Thank you unnamed for the new cutter!
Thank you Peter Young for the petfusion!
Thank you Peggy Willenberg for the food!
Thank you Norize Whitaker for the foods!
Thank you Michele for the bowls, & foods!
Thank you Karin Burns for the clorox clean up and Dawn!
Thank you Suzan Jo McCord-Roggendorf for the foods, toys and cat greens!
Thank you Ginger Metcalf for the sponges!
Thank you Wayne Peters for the sponges!
Thank you unnamed for the trashbags!
Thank you Laura Christian for the cake bed!
We are so grateful to all of you for your generosity and kindness!

We will be opening boxes tonight.

Hoping for a quiet day to catch up on paperwork :)