Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing SweetPea

 Little SweetPea came to us 6/27/12   from the Cumberland County Animal Control Center.  Lucky for her, the pound (which is a very High Kill Shelter)  has Ann, who works very hard to try to find a place for the animals to go.   This little girl was born missing her back 2 feet  and half of her tail.    How could we say no to this cutie?

We immediately got her to our vet to see what her health situation is.  She is approx 6 weeks old  (that is on 6/29/12),  the vet feels that the bottom of her legs were caused in utero from the umbilical cord getting wrapped around her legs and cutting off the circulation etc.   She has osteomyelitis (which is a bone infection) and a fractured femar. (She is on pain medication and antibiotics for the infection)   Other than that she is actually in decent shape.  As you can see in the video,  not having her 2 feet does not slow her down at all.

Because of missing her feet, we want to make sure we use a very soft litter for her to dig in, this is the same litter that we use for Popcorn because of her amputation and for LT because it is the only kind she will use.  

This is from our Amazon Wish list

We are still experimenting on what foods she likes,  but she does not seem to be a picky eater,  she does like the Petite Cuisine.

She is looking for sponsors  :)   You may do that on her webpage           

Thank you!!

Abby would like to say Thank You to everyone for all the wonderful gifts you have sent us from our Amazon
wish list!!  She is thrilled to have so much of her favorite food!!

Thank you to Robert for the trashbags!
Thank you to Kim for the packs of food!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Matt for the long hair litter!
Thank you Irene Margaret for the packages of food!
Thank you Cheryl, Grissom, CatCat, Nod, Blinkin, Kris & Cheryl for the catnip, 4 packs of food
Thank you Matthew for the packs of food & undercover mouse toy!
Thank you Terri for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the food & trashbags!!
Thank you Karina for the packs of food!
Thank you Janice for the packs of food!
Thank you unnamed for the food and batteries!
Thank you Jackie for the food! (and from you note, I wish you could too, big smile) but this helps lots!!
Thank you Bobbi for the toys!
Thank you Bettina for the scratch and bits!

Thank you Luanne for the computer backup and donation!
Thank you unnamed for the toys!

Thank you so much for your kindness and amazing generosity!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you so much!!

We received so many wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list )
from so many people, I wanted to thank you and show you the climber being put together that was one of those gifts. (If you fill in a gift message, it will tell us who you are, if you don't I don't know who to say thank you too)
Thank you to unnamed for this wonderful climber!
Thank you unnamed for the trash bags!,
Thank you Amanda for the electronic cat toy!,
Thank you unnamed for the food,
Thank you unnamed for the baby scales!
Thank you Lynn for all the food!
Thank you Lisa for all the food!
Thank you Samir for the food,
Thank you Meredith for the fan, and litter!
Thank you Richard for all the food!
Thank you Ginger for the food!
Thank you Diane for the backup drive!
Thank you Trisha for the food in the cute gift boxes!
Thank you to unnamed for the 20 bottles of dish soap!!
Thank you all so much for being such generous loving people and helping the cats!!
And thank you to everyone who votes for us in the contests :) That is a huge help too!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing LT

Little LT,  with a lot of help,  came to us from a kill shelter in Florida.  She is very sweet!  She is finally learning how to play and use the litter box  (YEAH!)   She has adjusted really well.  We are a lifetime care sanctuary,  so she now has a forever home with us :)

After surgery

before surgery

We would like to thank the kind people that have sent all the wonderful gifts, especially this kitty litter
from our amazon wish list!!    

If you have a cat that won't use the litter box and you have tried all the others,  try this one,  it is very soft,  and has a 100% usage &  money back guarantee.  This is the only litter we have found that LT will use, and we are also using it for Popcorn as her amputation heals because it is so soft.

We would like to thank the following for their gifts from our Amazon list!    

Thank you  Patricia for the 4 cases of  food!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you  Andrea for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the toys!
Thank you Meredith for the 2 cases of food!
Thank you Jon for the food!
Thank you Linda for the food! (and for your sweet note ;)
If you don't fill in the gift message section, we don't know who you are to say thank you,  but we are so very grateful to your kindness for helping us!!

There are 2 videos of LT below,  we hope you enjoy them :)

Recent Visitors

We had this family stop by to visit the cats on the way to the beach from New Jersey.  I didn't get the chance to write their names down because we had to cut their visit short when I had to rush a cat to the vet having an asthma attack  (He is fine)  So I apologize to them for not remembering their names!

Mickey never misses the opportunity offer kisses

Paul is a giant lap cat

Patches enjoying some attention

Lily was loving the attention.

Mickey loves to love everyone :)

Virginia making sure she doesn't miss her opportunity for attention.
One of our employees sons came to work to help and play with the cats.

Another son 

Another son  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Introducing Meadow

Introducing Meadow.   Meadow came to us last year from a shelter that was in over their head and another rescue stepped in to help them place their animals.  She came to us missing lots of hair,  we thought it was an allergy issue,  found out later it was actually from stress.  As you can see here, her hair has grown back and she is super friendly. She has adjusted well to being with us,  gets along well with the other cats and seems to have settled in nicely.

We would also like to thank Angela for the undercover mouse from our Amazon wish list  that she is playing
and Thank you to unnamed for the food, litter and trash bags!!
Thank you to unnamed for the trash bags, softener sheets, toys and bed!
Thank you George For the food!
Thank you Margaret for the spray!
Thank you Debra for the trash bags

The day she arrived,  missing lots of fur

Hair is filling in

Her now :)

Getting loved on at a visitors day

Again, getting loved on at a visitors day

Posing for us

Lauren and Meadow

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abbey Update

This is Abbey,  she came to us from a local high kill animal shelter.  At 14 years of age, her family dropped her off saying they can't have pets where they live.  They also said she had lived her entire life with them. Lucky for her the shelter called us.

The day we brought her home from the pound
The day after her eye surgery
She became very very depressed (Who wouldn't after losing your home, your family, your friends,
 even the food that you eat every day)  She ended up with a feeding tube

                               A video of her being loved on and watch the surprise ending!!

After a lot of loving on her,  she started eating again,   she finally got the feeding tube removed!

Her favorite food in the world :)  It came from our amazon wish list 

Eating like a champ :)   We are going to crate her at night to make sure she continues
 eating for a  while longer,  but she is out all day.