Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What is your cat's sign?

by Nomi Berger

Are your pussycats’ purr-sonalities written in the stars? It may be fancier than fact, but consulting the cosmos for clues can be both entertaining and illuminating. All you need are their birth dates to see if they match the birth signs below.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)
Aries cats are adventurous, bright and brave, and are seldom deterred by obstacles. Often impulsive and always energetic, they thrive on exploring, eliciting appreciative grins from their humans as they frolic like kitty cat clowns. But what these amiable kitties love most is being the center of their owners’ attention.
Taurus (April 21 – May 20)
Taurus cats relish the finer things in life, especially food, making exercise an absolute must to maintain their fit physiques. Their stubborn streak requires both a set routine and a pristine litter box, and although they may play hard to get, once you win them over, these terrific kitties will be loyal to you and only you.
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Gemini cats are chatty and charming, flitting airily about, and winning hearts wherever they go. True to their “twin” sign, they may also display a duality in their temperament, mischievously manic one minute and startlingly sullen the next. And yet their undeniable magnetism makes these glorious kitties hard to resist.
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Cancer cats were born to love and please their owners. Emotional and expressive, they have the most nurturing and sensitive natures. Their demonstrative side is clear in the tender way they lick their humans’ foreheads and cuddle up close to them. How lucky, then, are the recipients of these caring cats’ ministrations?
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Leo cats are lions in miniature, endearingly extroverted, regal yet rakish, who covet being the center of everyone’s undivided attention. Ever so entertaining, whether “fighting” themselves in the mirror or hunting dust bunnies under the furniture, these lovable kitties wear their royal robes with a saucy sense of humor.
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Virgo cats give new meaning to the word “purr-fection”. Fastidious self-groomers, they not only tend to themselves daily but they expect the same from those tending to their litter box. Firm fans of labor and fixed foes of laziness, they may make marvelous mousers, but their most appealing asset is the way they venerate their chosen people.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Libra cats are all about balance. When relating to their owners, they expect their displays of affection to be equally reciprocated, and they blossom in the companionship of other cats. Fair and kind, yet occasionally indecisive when it comes to completing “projects”, these levelheaded kitties are never indecisive about whom they love.
Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)
Scorpio cats are intense! Fiercely loyal, they flourish in deep, meaningful relationships with their owners -- to the point of possessiveness -- and can tend to resource guard around other cats. But their innate desire for intimacy and love making these infinitely social felines the most impassioned of fur-ever companions.
Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)
Sagittarius cats delight in staring dreamily and endlessly out windows. Never bashful about “meowing” their mind, they’ll happily knead your chest to drive home their point any time of the day or night. And yet, their overall positive attitude and encouraging nature combine to make these sassy cats sincerely indispensable.
Capricorn (December 23 – January 22)
Capricorn cats are both ambitious and goal oriented, never stopping until successfully completing the task at paw. Fearless risk takers and fiercely competitive, they’re also extremely playful, making these capering kitties not only sources of inspiration but welcome addition to any active and loving household.
Aquarius (January 23 – Feb 18)
Aquarius cats favor their freedom above all else and are famous for getting lost, making microchips a must. Often aloof, rebellious and quirky, they nonetheless adore their friends, particularly their pet parents, and never tire of showing them how much they truly care in spite of their active attempts to wander.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Pisces cats excel at being empathetic which makes them excellent service animals for those suffering from depression or anxiety. Instinctively intuitive, they possess the ability to “read” their owners’ minds, and while they may cling to them like ivy or pout when things aren’t purr-fect, they make the most purr-fect soul mates.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Casey is a sweetheart. She is blind and has been here with us since
2015 when we got her from Wake Co. Animal Control.
You can read about her story here : Casey

Thank you so much for the goodies you sent the kitties last week.
We always need the usual things like food of course. If you 
go to our Amazon Wish List you can see what foods
we use along with other items we need.
Also we love Amazon Gift Cards because we
use those to buy things we do not put on the wish list or
things that most people never think about sending.
You can click  : Amazon Smile Wish List
to see what we need each week as it does change.

Also please if you shop on Amazon alot like we do, please shop
Amazon Smile and pick us as your charity of choice. People
ask do they really send us money and they really do. We get
a check every quarter from people that use Amazon Smile and
have us as their charity. Every bit adds up and we really 
appreciate it. 

Sterling is our Prince Flufferbutt. He is a big beautiful we think Ragdoll
mix and also blind. He came to us in 2012 and was from a 
hoarding situation. He is a very sweet, lovable boy.
Read about him here : Sterling

Thank you Kendra and Saffy for the food!
Thank you Nancy Walkord for the foods, nose drops and water filters!
Thank you Dawn Naska for the saline drops!
Thank you Sandra Tannenbaum for the foods!

Lisa is our party kitty. She loves to play. That has alot 
to do wit her being mostly Norwegian Forest Cat breed.
They do not mature until they are 5 years old as well.
You can read here story here : Lisa

Thank you Fiona and Gena for the beautiful grave markers!
Thank you Dixie D for the gift card!
Thank you Sara Marie for the food!
Thank you Eric Laskowitz for the water filters!

Camille is another sweet girl who came to us in 2007. She does
have some eyesight but we are not sure just how much. 
You can read about her here :Camille

Thank you Lisa Troutman for the food, IV set, Litter and saline drops!
Thank you Mallory Ronan for the food, syringes, and litter!
Thank you Joy for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the cases of paper towels!
Ella Bella has grown up into a very pretty girl. She is 
fiesty  and full of Catitude but still loveable.
You can read about her here : Ella

Thank you unnamed for the case of paper towels and toilet paper!
Thank you unnamed for all the food!
Thank you Cynthia McCray for all the food!
Thank you Marilyn Rutsky for the food!

Odie is one of our new kitties. He looks 
like Stitch who is in the other room. Odie is FeLV+
He is a very sweet cat that loves everyone and his roommates.
You can read his story here : Odie

Thank you unnamed for the batteries
Thank you unnamed for the Needles!
Thank you Nancy Damrow for the cube!
Thank you unnamed for the toilet paper!
Thank you Linda for all the bird seed!
Thank you Karen Cook for all the food and litter!

Izzy is a busy little girl who loves to help with tours.
She is very friendly and loves everyone.
You can read her story here : Izzy

Thank you Elise and Opie for all the food, litter and needles!
Thank you Marilyn Rutsky for the syringes, saline drops, food, filters, and needles!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Marlo is also one of our newest kitties. 
She looks like Frankie who is also in the same room with her. 
As you can see she loves to climb on things.
You can read about her here : Marlo

Thank you Debbie Wass for the food, filters and dish soap!
Thank you Ione Brown & Tinky for the ear cleaner, paper and food!
Thank you Ashleigh for the drops and syringes!
Thank you Erin Noe for the litter, food and beds!
Wifi also came in as a kitty. He came from NYC and was
hit by a car which left him blind.
Today he is very happy and healthy and very playful.
You can read his story here : Wifi

Thank you James Ward for the food!
Thank you Diana Aird for the food and IV lines!
Thank you Kendra & Saffy for the food
Thank you Dawn Naska for the cat cubes and saline drops!
Thank you Doreen for the cat pods!
Molly has the prettiest color fur of any of our cats here at BCR.
She is also a blind girl and gets along with most of her roommates
and loves people.
You can read her story here : Molly

Thank you Carey Rich for the litters and food!
Thank you Christina Gandley for all the food and litter!
Thank you Louise Blair for the hand made blankets!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Miss Bunny is also a sweet girl. She loves people but is not very 
fond of other cats. She actually shares the lobby with Mr. Snicker.
They get along fine and respect each others cat space.
You can read about her here : Bunny

Thank you so much to everyone that sent all these wonderful kitties
goodies. We are currently restocking the pantry now with food and 
other items so if you would like to send them something please