Friday, August 30, 2013

Snickers Open House interview with Marla

Hello Everyone:

Snicker here and I got to spend our August open house with so many great people. Thank you EVERYONE !!!  It was great to visit with Baron, Jill, Robin and so many others.

And, I got to interview two of our human visitors and a fellow blind cat visitor.

Welcome Katherine and Seth, and Marla.

Katherine:  Thank you, Snicker!

Seth:  Thank you, Snicker!

Snicker:   If I remember right, this is your 2nd visit to us?

Katherine:   It sure is.  We came last summer for the first time.

Seth:   Right.  We came last year just for a short visit.  We love it here.  Especially meeting you, Snicker.  You’re a rock star!  We also loved meeting Riley and all the residents.  As we left, we knew we’d come back.

Snicker:   So how did you find us?

 Seth:  Marla gets to tell this story, but I found BCR before we adopted her.  I was looking for information and Alana was a huge help advising us on adopting and caring for what I call “a unique quality cat.” Alana told me “Marla is a cat, she just can’t see.” 

Katherine:  Like a lot of people, we had the total wrong idea about blind cats – that they were handicapped.  Alana set us straight and our visit to BCR just reinforced the truth, which is that blind cats are cats, they just can’t see!  That’s been true with Marla all along.  She’s amazing.

Snicker:   So Marla, welcome to BCR!  Nice to have a fellow BC as a visitor – especially one that lives with such cool humans!

Marla:   Thank you, Snicker.

Snicker:  So Marla, I believe that you are the first “outside” blind cat to visit us here.  I hear you came from Annapolis, Maryland.  That’s pretty far.  How do you like it so far?

Marla:   First, I want to say thanks to everyone for making a place for me to hang out while my humans visit you.  This is my first big trip and I’ve been all the way to Blowing Rock, NC!  My folks didn’t want me to be alone in a strange hotel (even though I always figure out what’s what in the rooms) so they brought me here.  Thanks for finding me such a comfortable place and for all the toys!  I heard LOTS of stuff going on.  Chance and Snicker greeted me and I figured out that there are some new arrivals in this room too.  I’ve only really been around one other cat, my adopted older sister Sophie, so I will admit that all the sounds and smells do have me a little nervous.

Snicker:  Where is Sophie?

Marla:  She stayed home with my other adopted brother, Gus.  Sophie went to Blowing Rock in June but she didn’t really enjoy the travel.  So, my folks decided I got to come on this trip to visit where mom’s parents live and then to here for a few days.  I loved roaming around the house and sitting by the screen door listening to the birds and smelling all the mountain air!

Snicker:  So how did you find your parents?

Marla:   I didn’t have such a good start in life.  I was sitting in a street in the rain and a car was coming toward me.  I didn’t feel good at all so I just sat there.  The nice lady rescued me and I ended up with a volunteer who worked with a rabbit rescue in Maryland.  It took them a while to figure out that I can’t see.  I had some really bad breathing problems and a runny nose.  But they made me feel better and I started thinking things might be ok.  My foster mom placed an ad in Petfinder.   Dad said he took one look at my picture and he was gone!   They came to meet me in town close by and a couple of weeks later, I moved to my house!  I am very happy now and I feel good, too.
Snicker:  How long have you been there?

Marla:   Three years now.

Snicker:  How are you and Sophie and Gus getting along?

Marla:   Well, Gus doesn’t come in the house, he has something called FIV and diabetes.  But he has his own little house in our garage and hangs out in our back yard.  He came when his owner, our neighbor, passed away.   Mom and Dad love him a lot.  He’s been an indoor-outdoor cat all his life.  Dad rearranged the garage to Gus can live in there, with a radio, bed, ac and even heat!  I hear that there’s a video camera so they can make sure he’s ok.  Sophie and I are still working on getting along.  She hisses at me a lot and sometimes it startles me so I jump to get at that sound.  This is my first real home and I want to be in charge so I’m adjusting to Sophie being the “bigger Sister.”  She’s still getting used to me, too. 

Snicker:  So, was Sophie alone before you were adopted?

Marla:   No.  I hear that she had a bigger brother and sister, but they both crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010.  That made her very sad.  Mom and Dad, too.  She got to say goodbye to her brother, Rooney, who she loved a lot.  I think she’s still sad.

Snicker:  Sounds like things are working out pretty well, Marla!  I’m happy for all of you and I hope you’ll come back soon!  I’m glad you and your folks came to Open House!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Snickers Exclusive with Edward

SNICKER: Hey everyone! I'm back and I'm here to do an exclusive interview with Edward! Recently we found out that you have Lymphoma. How have you been handling the news?

EDWARD: Well, I'm not exactly happy about the diagnosis. I'd love to live a long life with the people I love and who love me in return. I'm not depressed and worried, because I know I'll get to see Bella again, but the thought of an impending death is awfully unsettling.

SNICKER: Who is Bella?

EDWARD: Bella is my beautiful sister. She died of FIP about 4 months ago. She was such a sweet and gentle soul. I do miss her very much and I can't wait to see her again. Everyone loved her. When she died a few months ago everyone was so sad. Unfortunately for us, we're FELV+ cats. It's really just like having a time stamp that says when you'll pass. We're lucky to make it past 3 years. Most of us don't.

SNICKER: That's so sad! 

EDWARD: Yeah, kinda I guess. If you had FELV you would understand that it's not as scary as you might think. We comes to terms with our immortality. We realize that everyday is special. We do what we can with what we have. We know that we need to love as strongly as possible. When we are given love, we soak it up and relish it, in its entirety.

SNICKER: So you're ready to pass?

EDWARD: I don't think I'm "ready" to pass, but I have lived an amazing life, and if I passed away today, I would have no regrets.

SNICKER: Wow, you sound so strong and sure of everything. 

EDWARD: I have to be. I've had time to think about it. Besides, I still have friends who count on me. Liza, for example, is my best friend. I want to be happy and spend as much time with her as possible. She's just such a great cat, and she's made my life that much better.

SNICKER: So I hear you have to go to the doctor every 2 days, what are they doing to you there?

EDWARD: I am having fluid removed from my lungs. The lymphoma is producing liquid and it has to be drained.

SNICKER: Does it hurt?

EDWARD: It feels like a small pinch I suppose. Not too bad. I stay calm because I know they're doing everything they can to save me and make me as comfortable as possible. 

SNICKER: Wow. You're such a brave cat! You are an inspiration. What would you like to say to the people who will miss you?

EDWARD: Live your life to the fullest! Do as I do, and live in love and light. Be as happy as possible at all times. If something doesn't make you happy, don't do it! It's just that simple! Life is the longest thing you'll ever do, but it's unbelievably short. If you love someone, tell them. Do you best to never be sad and don't fret over me when I'm gone. I know it's sad to lose someone you love, but never forget the ones still living. They need you now more than I do. I want you all to know how much I love and adore you. I will be watching over you. 

SNICKER: You are such a great cat. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today. Thank you so much Edward. I wish you the very best.

Looking outside at the vets office before dying in my arms,  7/30/13
Good bye Sweet Edward,  you were loved and will be missed!

Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer