Sunday, January 26, 2014


Good afternoon,  I am sorry but could not get on line to do this early this morning.  I had an employee out sick so I had to be in the building cleaning.  Now doing all the paperwork,  payroll, etc.

Autumn came home for the weekend.  I hope you had the opportunity to watch her on Ustream.
She seemed to be very happy to be home.  Bill took her back to Raleigh this morning.  Tomorrow she goes
for her second week of radiation.   Someone asked how do they know she has cancer, where it is etc.  She was taken to Raleigh to specialist for her nasal problems.  A $1200 CAT scan showed a mass.  It was biopsied.  The tests came back malignant.  The CAT scan shows them where to do the radiation.

                                           Autumn has to keep the cone on to keep her from
                                           removing the marks on her face.  The marks show
                                           them where to do the radiation.  They are drawn on
                                           with white out.    She doesn't like the cone but needs
                                           it on there.

Sponsorship program

Did you know we have a monthly sponsorship program?
It is on $1. per day  ($30) per month.
Your donation helps us continue to provide the cats with
quality care.  To sponsor a cat just go to our
page, click on a cat and the sponsor me button is on their page
Gallie just got a new sponsor.  She has a really great
webpage.  If you like to cook,  you will like her page


Silly Paul wanted to show how little of a box he can sit in

Thank you so much for your gifts from our wish lists

Sadly they often do not tell us your name
and they never give us your contact information
Please know how grateful we are to you for
your kindness!

Thank you Stacey Coombes for the food!
Thank you Karen Rapallo for the bed!
Thank you Carly Aliff for the food!
Thank you Melinda Simon for the bowls!
Thank you unnamed for the gain softener!
Thank you unnamed for the ear cleaners!
Thank you Karin Burns for the foods!
Thank you Barbara Patterson for the food & syringes!
Thank you unnamed for the toys!
If you would like to send a gift to the cats you can watch it get opened on ustream

Have you voted today?

We hope you will vote every day for the cats to win $5,000
This money will provide medical care for approx 1 month for the cats  :)