Sunday, January 19, 2014


Good afternoon.  I am getting a late start on writing today.

Bill got on the road with Autumn this morning.  She starts her radiation treatments tomorrow.  I am going to miss her.     We are so grateful to everyone that donated towards her cancer treatment!  We raised $7482.
We are so blessed to have the most generous supporters in the world!!


            Please remember to vote today.   We are in first place by a hair,  every vote is so
            important!   Here is the link:         Please share
            with your friends.    Thank you for helping the cats!!


      Thank you so much to everyone for their gifts from our wishlists!
       Sadly they do not ever give us your contact information so we can not personally message
       you and tell you thank you!  But please let me tell you how much we appreciate your

Thank you Laura Jaremkow for the Gain laundry soap, Gain dryer sheets, 2 beautiful blankets and box of Laminating pouches!
Thank you Leyla Harding for the food!
Thank you Dale Benest for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Dale for the food!
Thank you Sue for the food!
Thank you Deborah Stellhorn for the foods!
Thank you Romy Hamilton for the magic erasers!
Thank you Smokey & Little for the foods and crystal litter!

Thank you unnamed for the foods and trashbags!   They did not tell us your name.  

We will have a tour at 3 pm and 10 pm EST   Also chat at 6 pm EST   No boxes tonight.