Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pepsi Contest starts again 10/1/10 Please vote

Instructions to vote,    (if you will click the link with your RIGHT mouse key  you can pick open in a new window and keep this window open,  you can find it by clicking the bottom of your screen)   We have partnered with 4 other groups, we hope you will vote for them too

First go to:

First time you must sign up.   go to the bottom left of the screen,   click  join refresh everything   to sign up the first time you go to the site.

now go back to    

go to the bottom left of the page and sign in.  You can sign in by:

Log in under your email address   and quickly vote right down the link,  just takes a minute.    

Log out

Click to sign in, this time pick the Facebook button.     IF you get a Connection error,  close that window,  reclick sign in, reclick Facebook and it will immediately log  you in.  Please remember to vote and share :)

and then please also 
text a vote

Put   73774  in the phone number part of your text
and then type in the message   102422     and then send,  it will give you a confirmation showing it went through

Yes  you can vote all three ways for each group.... You have 10 votes to share with 10 groups  (or 30 votes if you log in and vote all 3 ways)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another contest :)

Starts 10/1/10  Please do not download until then!

Take a minute to help us win $1,000!  Download the Blind Cat Rescue toolbar and every time you shop at one of more than 1,500 participating stores, a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to our cause! The five organizations that have the most toolbars downloaded in October win an extra $1,000 each so please add it and share with friends today!!

Please help us be one of the lucky charities that will receive these much needed funds!

Here's how:


1. Click

2. Download the Blind Cat Rescue toolbar

3. "Share With Friends" on our toolbar download page so that others can get involved!


The contest ends on Oct. 31 so please add the toolbar NOW and spread the word to as many people as you can!  For more information, click

Thank you for your support!

I saved a snake today

Crazy huh?  I found a snake caught in deer net,  and it was still alive!  Now what to do,  I could not leave it there to slowly starve to death and bake to death in the sun.  Did I mention it was also a poisonousness snake?
It was tangled pretty good,  it's head was on the other side of the fence tangled so I was safe until I had to cut the head lose,  ran in the house and got scissors and told my daughter what I was doing (in case I got bitten) and went back out and slowly and very carefully clipped the net away from the snake.  Got him freed from the net and he slithered off to live another day.  Wish I had grabbed a camera.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

eBay for the cats

Do you like auctions? I sure do :)  We have many wonderful eBay sellers that share their auctions with our cats! Isn't that so wonderful of them!!   Christmas is coming soon,  check them out, you might find the perfect gift.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do we adopt?

I am asked often if we adopt out our cats.  The answer is yes and no.  We are a lifetime care facility.  We make a life time commitment to the cats.  BUT if we feel it is in the best interest of the cat, and if we find someone that we think we will give the cat a fantastic home and is close enough to us that we can drive to check on the cat, we will allow an adoption.   I will occasionally feature a cat that would like to be adopted.

This is Maggie.  She is around 8 years old.  Her original owner died and the daughter dumped Maggie at the local humane society.  There Maggie got a severe eye infection/upper respiratory infection and she lost her sight.  A volunteer at the Humane Society took Maggie and had her in a foster home that could no longer take care of her.  She contacted us to take her.   Maggie is very very friendly to humans,  but is terrified of other cats. She swats, growls, hisses at them.  To her they are the unknown terrible monster and she does not like them at all.    Maggie has another issue and I suspect it might have something to do with why the daughter dumped her.  She does not like to poop in a litter box.    We have her crated at night and if she is crated she will use the litter box  but if she is running around free and needs to do her business,  she will always do it on the floor. (most of the time right next to the litter box)   For most of the time, the crating works.    She would really like to find a home that will not make her deal with lots of animals and that will give her a lap to sit in.  She is a big girl, needs to lose a few pounds, loves to talk,   has been declawed  (we did not do that to her! that is the way she came to us)  Is of course spayed, combo tested negative, current on all of her shots.


Do you like I to enter contests?  I do,  won a trip to Cancun once.   There are several contests out there that will help non profit charities and animal organizations.  Pretty cool huh?  If you vote in these contests, you don't win anything but the charity of your choice does.  I sure hope you will vote for ours :)

This is the Pepsi contest,  we are competing for $50,000 to add another building to rescue FIV/FEL+ cats.
The top 10 each month win the money.  We will be in the contest again in October.

It is a vote every day contest, and you can actually give us 3 votes a day.
Sign up and then:

log in under your email address and vote.... log out

log in under your Facebook account and vote    (sometimes people have problems with this one, it will say connection error.  If it does that to you, close the sign up box and then immediately open it again and click on Facebook will connect.

And you can text a vote  super fast and easy
In the phone number section type the numbers:  73774  (that is all you put in there, it will work honest!) and then in the message section put in   102422  and send.    It does not cost anything extra to text a vote,  if you have unlimited text.

Contest 2 is the Animal Rescue Site

This one is also a daily vote contest.    In the shelter name box you only need to type the words:  blind cat     and in the state box pick NC (North Carolina) and click search.  We are the only one that shows up.   Click Vote.  the next page will give you an animal to identify.  It wants to make sure you are not a computer voting.  And you are done.

Thanks so much for helping the animals!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. I have never done this before and I have no clue what I am supposed to blog about so please be patient with me :)

We had an amazing weekend! Gwen Cooper, NY Times best selling author of HOMER'S ODYSSEY came to BCR (Blind Cat Rescue) 9/17/10  weekend to visit! We had lots of visitors who went with us and Gwen to Raleigh for her reading and book signing and then out to eat. The cats loved all the attention! And Gwen gave us a donation of $10,000. How cool is that?

Gwen with the crazy cat ladies that
 went to Raleigh with her

A shot of some of the audience from the podium
The place was packed, standing room only!

Having just presented us a check for $10,000

People waiting in line for Gwen to sign her book.

Gwen explaining to us why she is
wearing the big white bug eye sunglasses

The perfect end to a fun day,  we all went out to eat.