Saturday, January 25, 2014


Good morning!  22 degrees, brrrrr  BUT supposed to be in the mid 40's today.   I need to refill the horses and pigs water,  glad to have the hoses unfroze.

Autumn is home for the weekend.  You can watch her live on Ustream in her room today
Just click the viewer below  or go to
She has a cone on her head,  you will also see if you watch at tour she has white lines drawn down
her face.  That is so they know where to do the radiation.  She is playing and eating.  She will return to Raleigh on Sunday and continue her second week of radiation on Monday.


Thank you so much to everyone that so generously sent gifts to the cats from our wish lists!

They often do not tell us your name and they never tell us how to contact you so we are not able to contact you directly to say thank you,   Please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness!
You may watch us open the boxes live on ustream at 6:30pm EST  most nights :)

Thank you Carey Zigouras for all the freshstep!
Thank you Ortga-Poirier for the food!
Thank you Linda Carden for the beds!
Thank you Stacey Coombes for the dishwashing soap!
Thank you unnamed for the cat litter,  laundry soap, & foods!

We WILL be opening boxes tonight :)

Tours at Noon,  3 pm,  10 pm EST
Chat at 6 pm,  Boxes at 6:30 pm EST

Have you voted today?

Congratulations!!   Because of your hard work,  we won the first week prize
of $1,000 !!    Thank you so much for voting for the cats!!

We still need your daily vote for the grand prize of $5,000!
That will cover approx 1 month of vet bills :)

If you have not voted before,  there are step by step directions to get set up    They did not make it easy to figure out :)