Friday, January 10, 2014


Beautiful morning today,  temps 41 at 7:30 while feeding horses.  Beautiful rainbow in the sky :)

Boxes last night was NUTS!   Diane and I had a hoot of a time, I hope you laughed as much as I did.  Someone was concerned that she had been drinking.... trust me,  we had just come from supper, she was stone sober...  She is very very nervous in front of the camera and the longer she sits there the sillier she gets!  Tonight will have $5. Friday with Baron and Diane so I hope you stop in and join us.

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Often the shipper does not tell us who the kind person is that sent us the gift, so if it says no name, it is because we don't know who the wonderful person that sent it.

Thank you no name for the towel sets!
Thank you Romy Hamilton for the foods!
Thank you Grace for the food in honor or Jedediah!
Thank you Simon Roberts for the toys
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Christine Myers for the food!
Thank you Karen Williams for the sponges!
Thank you Taua Janielle Blockson for the food!
Thank you Chibacat for the 3 cake beds!
Thank you Danny Cook for the foods!
Thank you The Burmasters for the turbo toy!
Thank you Kathleen Muster for the paper towels!

Today is power washing  :(     Working on the concrete scrubbing is hard on the hips and back but got to be done.   At least it is above freezing.

Open house is tomorrow Saturday 1/11/2014   If you are attending,  we are needing gently used towels,  queen size sheets or blankets.

We have a new wish list on     You will have to search for our wish list
FIRST NAME:  blind
LAST NAME    shelter

We have many items for our new guest house on the list also.  That way we can make our visitors and volunteers visiting comfortable :)

Please remember to vote today :)