Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Good morning,  15 degrees right now... temps suppose to make it to 40.

Diane arrived safely.  Brought the new kitty with her.  He will be going to the vet this week to get a much needed dental.  We will decide his name in a few days.

Lots of boxes last night and I did them in lightening speed... was trying to make sure I was done before Diane arrived :)   I apologize for doing them so fast :)

Thank you Vicky Ellis for the hurricane toys!
Thank you Karin Burns for the walmart gift card!  We used it to help pay for Shellys flovent  (It is $190. at walmart, each month!)
Thank you Cheryl Pinela for the Walmart Gift card!  That will help pay for Greta's flovent.  (It is also $190. at walmart each month)
Thank you Tish for the adorable cake beds!

Thank you Jim & Joan Richter for the toy and bowls!
Thank you Tracy Burmeister for the food
Thank you Pamela Middleton for the armarkat cat bed!
Thank you Miriam Coffey for the trash bags!
Thank you McKenna Elizabeth Techtow for the trashbags and food!
Thank you Sophie Jude for the toy and scratch and rest!
Thank you Pamela Seymour for the weazel ball toy!
Thank you Donna Saraceno for the food!
Thank you Christine Cimko for the toys!
Thank you Debbie Ingram for the toys!
Thank you Kathleen Muster for the bowls!
Thank you Travis Miller for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Amy Roberts for the liquid softener!
Thank you Sara for the toys!
Thank you Mike for the laptop!
Thank you unnamed for the printer ink!
Thank you unnamed for the foods & litter!

Thank you so much for all of your generosity!!   We couldn't do what we do with out your help!

Please remember to vote today in the   contest.  We are in 2nd place... we need first place.  If you are on facebook,  please share :)

Going to take a few hours off today and show Diane around the town she will be moving to :)

We will do boxes on Thursday night :)

Thanks for reading :)