Monday, February 13, 2017

Why cats meow with toys in their mouths.

I thought we would do a 2nd part to our article last week about why cats bring us presents
we sometimes do not want.
How many of you have cats that go around your house with their toys in their mouth, meowing?
I do. Molly one of my 2 cats,  loves her feather toy and will drag it around the house meowing. She likes to do this in the middle of the night though, which I do not always think is so cute at 2
am in the morning. LOL

Why cats meow with toys in their mouths and other behaviours

Mandy Cooper

There's no denying it. No matter how much you love your cat, there's still a bit of a
language barrier. You understand your cats “I'm hungry” meow and “wake me up and pet
me” meow so if you're wondering why kitty meows with a toy in their mouth, it's likely they
are bringing attention to them and their prized possession.

In the wild, cats tend to vocalise with their kittens and sexual partners. By changing the
tone and pattern of their meow, they can communicate a variety of intentions. If you watch
kitty when they see a bird out of the window, for instance, you will notice their meow is
very different to say a “let me outside” meow. Kitty is calling your attention to their prized

Mother cats will often teach their kittens to hunt by catching prey and bringing it back to
their kittens, giving the kittens something to practice hunting on. When kitty makes a big
fuss to having a toy in their mouth, they want you to pay attention to it. Making a fuss over
toys isn't a cats only part of cat play.

 If your cat drops toys in food or water dishes, your cat is not trying to bath the toys but is securing their toy in a safe place after playing with it. In a cats world, food and water dishes are part of their territory and a secure place to stash their prized boy away from possible predators as if they were in the wild.

This sort of play teaches your cat to show off their treasures through meows
and other noises and provides your cat with mental and physical stimulation. Play is a
huge part of why cats meow with their treasures as well as wanting your attention to
notice them and the toy in their mouth. The meow sounds like the cat is in distress but
they are actually quite the opposite and want you to notice what they are doing.

This behaviour seems to happen more when no one is watching and if you notice and pay
attention, your cat is happy with that, drops the toy and toddles off or settles down,
especially if your cat does this at night while you are asleep. It's an instinctual behaviour
learned from kittenhood. I “killed” my toy for you and I'm very clever. Notice me. It's quite
amazing how their learned behaviours come into play. Mum cat catches food and yowls for
their kittens to come and get it. It's no different to our own cats and their offerings for us.
We are “helpless” cats and need to be “taught” how to “catch” things and prove what
great hunters we are too.

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