Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visitors day 1/14/2012

Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit!!  We appreciate your sharing your time with the cats!!  You may see more pictures on our Facebook page

Joan & Greta

Vince & Izzy

Lauren & Desiree

Jim & a very tired kitten - Rudy

Paul getting brushed by Jim

Joan with Chester climbing on her and Felix sharing a laugh with her

Savannah,  her dad and Katie

Richey found a friend

Making a cook book - looking for receipes!

We are now collecting recipes for the Blind Cat Cookbook!!  And we hope you will share your favorites with us!  :)

They can not be ones copied from another cookbook or copywrited.  

The catagories will be:
Appetizers/Beverages,  Soups/Salads,  Vegetables, Main Dishes, Breads/Rolls, Desserts,  Gluten Free, pet treats (dog & cats)

We will need your name  and your location with your submission.  Please do NOT abbreviate the measurements,  please spell them out so we do not make any mistakes  (in other words, do not put  TSP for teaspoon,  spell out teaspoon please)

We hope to have them ready to go by the fall,  so please start sending them :)   We hope you are going to enjoy this project as much as we are :)

Email them to:

Thank you for helping!!

New Contests for 2012

There are 2 new contests right off the bat :)

2012 pounds of kitty litter. 
There are no rules posted,  it appears to be a daily vote contest:

 Here is the info it will ask you about the shelter:
Blind Cat Rescue, 3101 E Great Marsh Church Road, St Pauls, NC 28384
thank you so much for sharing and voting!!

Contest 2,  Animal Rescue Site.  We are in 1st place  and the prize is $5,000 so please help us hold it :)
only fill in these 2 blocks... 
shelter name: blind cat
State: NC
do not fill in any of the rest of them
click search we will appear
click VOTE
and on the second page fill in the letters you see and you are done :)
Thank you So much for voting for the cats!!! And Please share :)