Saturday, January 18, 2014


Good morning,  chilly and cloudy but temps hovering right above freezing.  Wish the weather man would make up his mind.

Today is crazy kitty day on Ustream

We do a live tour at noon,  3pm & 10 pm EST
also chat at 6 pm and boxes at 6:30 pm EST

Today is Autumn's room.  

This will be the last time you see her for the next 3 weeks while she goes to Raleigh for radiation treatment.
We had raised 5891 of the 7-8K we need but had to refund $1,000 of it back.  A kind supporter meant to give $10 and hit 1000 instead.  We are at $6114 right now.   If you would like to donate
to help us reach the goal of $8,000  you may do it on Autumn's page


We are in first place by a hair.  Your daily votes and shares are so important!
We hope you have all of your family members voting every day too!
here is the link:

if you need help,  there are step by step directions on our webpage


We are so grateful to everyone that shares so generously with the cats with gifts from our Amazon wish list!
Please know that they do not share your contact info with us.  You are so generous, we wish there was a way for us to directly tell you thank you!

and our Walmart Wish list   first name: blind       Last name:  rescue

Thank you Cathy Shikler for the freshsteps!
Thank you Scott Frank for the weruva food!
Thank you Foamex Company for all the cases of food!!
Thank you Joseph Nowakowski & Lyn Stolarski for the cases of food!
Thank you Deborah Taylor-Hough for the bowl!
Thank you Susan McRaney for the sponges!
Thank you Neil Smith for the food and turbo scratcher!
Thank you Carolynne Palmer for the food!
Thank you Andrea Dow for the bar towels!
Thank you Sue Roggendorf for the toy!
Thank you Steff for the toy!
Thank you Taua Jenielle Blockson for the sponges and food!
Thank you Janie McAvoy for the beds!
Thank you unnamed for the shark bed!

Thank you for all you do for the cats!