Friday, January 31, 2014


Good afternoon  :)    We are having a heat wave!  22 degrees this morning,   45 at 12:30   supposed to make it to 50 for the next 2 days and then 60's for Sunday.  With some additional help of a little rain,  this white stuff on the ground will be gone  :)   YEAH!  I have fallen several times so will be glad for the slick stuff to be gone :)   And today everything should be unfrozen enough that I can water horses etc :)


The cats say thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list

and our other wish lists!

Thank you Susan Corvino for the Denamarin & Gain!
Thank you Elizabeth Hawkins for the food!
Thank you Pamela Barraza for the scratch and rest!
Thank you for the Amazon gift card!  We bought food :)
Thank you Kashmir, Isis, Manny, Angeles, Bibi and; kitties for the foods!
Thank you Paul Bovis for the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you everyone so much for your kindness and generosity!!


Sweet Angel is just as sweet as her name.  Angel has been with us the longest,  
She arrived with the late Maggie in early 2006 from a rescue in Florida.
When she arrived she had microphtalmia eyes as you can see in the picture.
Micro eyes means small eyes,  and to complicate hers,  she had
at some point in her life had a bad eye infection so she was 
completely blind.  We did not remove her eyes until 2012 when
she began having infections of the sockets.  Removing the eye
tissue and closing the sockets stopped the problems.

Her sponsor "Cat" is from France and has sponsored her from the start.  
She was our first sponsor :)

You will see her today live on

Angel,  early 2009

Angel shows she likes the scratch and rest  :)

Product Review  Egg Shaped Pod

As you can see, this pod is a favorite of the cats.

Pros:   It is large enough for 2 cats to snuggle in.  Is plastic,  will last for many years.  If they urinate in it,  it is easy to clean up.

Con:   If the cats flip it over it will fit flat on the floor.  There has been reports of animals flipping it,  unable to get out from under it and dying from lack of fresh air.

We drilled 2 large holes in it... one you can see above Angels back
and a second one on the very bottom of the house.  If it flips,  there can be air exchange.

The cats love this pod,  To get one for your cats,  you may find it at:

Just remember to drill a couple of holes in it :)


Checker & Jake


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Thank you for helping the cats! 
 The $5,000 first prize will help provide approx 1 month of vet bills!

Autumn will be home this afternoon,  you should see her during the
 3 pm tour and all day tomorrow on Ustream

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Good morning,  14 degrees,  brrrrr.   The temps are supposed to stay around freezing today so we won't get rid of the snow until tomorrow.  50's tomorrow  YEAH!

I want to say thank you to  Sabrina, Sidney & Brittney for showing up for work yesterday!  Sabrina's truck has bald tires and no breaks when she got here...  I am blessed to have a wonderful staff!  And thank you so much to Christina for coming in for 2 hours and doing the afternoon tour and chores!!  That was a huge help!!!

Bill is going to bring Autumn home for the weekend so you will get to see her on Saturday.

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Did you know we have several sibling groups?
Some have had a sibling pass away, but thought you would enjoy seeing them

Poppy & Jamie


                                                                Natasha &Olivia



Paul &  the late Tess


                                                      Ray & The late Sylvester



                                                      The late Jimmy & Serena




                                               Shelly,   Marge   &   the late Homer

                                                   The Triplets    Jellybean, Skittle, & Peanut



                                             The Twins   Domino and Checker



                                                                    Willow and Stevie

That doesn't include  others that both siblings have passed on.     Danny  & Virginia ,  
 Bella ( ) & Edward  ( )
 Kiley & Joey,
 Grayson &  Katie
All 8 of these cats were FELV+

I am hoping all staff is here today,  I have to go help my daughter finish moving.  You all will get to  "meet"  her Sunday.  

We will have boxes tonight :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Good morning!  20 degrees and shockingly the weather man got it a little bit right.  We do have approx 1 inch of snow on the ground.    Lots less than the 4-8 they predicted, phew!!

To show you how crazy they are in the area regarding snow.  They predicted that the snow would start around lunch time so schools closed yesterday and today with NO SNOW on the ground,  just because it was predicted!   Daycare's closed at noon,  with NO SNOW on the ground!!   We had no afternoon staff because Stephanie's daycare closed.   Crazy huh?   Today I have no idea how much staff I will have at 8:30,  have no idea if I will have afternoon staff or not.  Guess I will find out as this morning progresses.

Helped my daughter get her furniture moved yesterday :)    Will tackle all the rest tomorrow.  Praying hard that I have enough staff here so I can take 1/2 the day off to finish moving her.

This picture was taken at 5:30 am  it of course was dark outside.... you can see the snow


Thank you so much to everyone that sent gifts to the cats from our wishlist

Thankyou Katherine Stevens for the medicines!
Thank you Taru for the bed, toys and wonderful chocolate!  (we humans sure love chocolate!)
Thank you Precious Culp for the toy!
Thank you Amber Nadeau for the foods!
Thank you Cathy Erickson for the food and bowls!
Thank you Kelly Adams for the food, trashbags, magic erasers and bowls!
Thank you Cathy Erickson for the bowls!
Thank you Diane Shoemaker for the bowls and food!
Thank you April Lebahn for the toys and foods!
Thank you Ellen Robinson for the swiffter dusters!
Thank you unnamed people that sent toys, food, and cotton tips!

We appreciate all of your generosity and kindness!!

Scotty keeping guard on the boxes

Nicky took over Popcorn's princess bed sent by Taru

Mickey & Mindy in the summer

Did you know that pigs are very smart?
 They are able to problem solve and work together to solve it?
Because it has been so cold I have been putting hay outside for the donkeys AND
putting hay in 2 of the barn stalls for them also.  The donkeys are not very smart,  they will stand outside in the cold wind, rain and not go in the barn to eat.

I have one stall that I had put straw in for the pigs.  They have another building to sleep in with lots of straw, but when the 2 new ones showed up, I wasn't sure if the black pigs would allow the white pigs in  (I have not taken a picture of the white pigs yet)  I noticed that the stall with the straw is filling up with hay.  The stalls with hay will have little hay left and there is hay all over the isles from the hay being moved.  I found out why.  The pigs were together using their noses and moving the hay into the other stall to give themselves more hay to burrow in to stay warm.     Really smart animals!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Good morning!  Now I know the weather man has lost his mind!   It was 68 yesterday,  beautiful day!
29 right now,  supposed to start snowing after noon...they are predicting 4-8 inches.  GROAN.
People in the south do not know how to drive in 1 inch of snow let alone 4-8 inches.   And I am helping my daughter move today.  We are going to try to get the big stuff out before the snow starts and finish on Thursday.     There was a funny article in our local paper about snow and Fayetteville

Have you ever tried to move hay with lots of snow on the ground?  An old fashion sled works real good.  Yes I could give the hay to them today in advance  except they would eat it all and I would still have to give them more tomorrow.

the horses,  taken during the summer.  The pasture has no grass right now

donkeys taken during the summer.  Pasture has nothing green right now

Please remember to vote today :)

Here is the link:

Box opening was fun,  Waffle really likes the feather toy!
I hope the video works!

Thank you for all the gifts from our wish lists!

Thank you Lryna Chyzhova for the 10 fel-o-vaccines!
Thank you Leona Tonietti for the cat litter!
Thank you Diane Shoemaker for the cases of cat food!
Thank you Alyssa Alexander for the trash bags, gain, toy & food!
Thank you Melinda Simon for the ear cleaner!
Thank you K J Heidebrecht for the food, scratch and rests, trashbags and crystal litter!
Thank you Jackie Pelegrin for the scratch and rest & food!
Thank you to the kind unnamed people for the 33 ear tip cleaners,
cases of food and bottles of gain softener!  They didn't tell us who you are but please
 know how grateful we are to you for all of your kindness!

We will be opening boxes tonight  :)

Monday, January 27, 2014


Good morning!  Beautiful weather today!  Temp is 45  YEAH,  I can water today with out frozen hoses :)  Temp is supposed to be mid 60's today so you will see sunshine and open patios.   Sorry the blog is late again,  employee called out sick and it put me out in the building all morning cleaning.   We only have 3 staff on Monday's.

The weather man has truly lost his mind.  They are predicting 3 inches of snow tomorrow night!!
My daughter is moving back home this week and we had planned on moving her stuff on Wednesday.  That is going to get pushed up to tomorrow.  Snow is not supposed to start until night time.  Hope I have some employees on Wednesday.

We WILL do boxes tonight :)

Supper bowls house 1  (tilt your head, sorry, don't have a straight shot of them)

Supper bowls house 2

See why we go through 120 cases of wet food and lots of dish soap every month?   (smile)

Today is Barons birthday,  if you happen to see him on chat,  you might want to give him a birthday shout out!

We hope you will vote today!!    and please share.   You have us in first place,  now we have to hold it until March.  The $5,000 first prize will help pay for a months of vet bills!

A HUGE Thank you to all the kind sellers that share a portion of their auctions with the blind cats!!
Your donations are a huge help!!   You can check all the wonderful auctions that help the cats at:

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Good afternoon,  I am sorry but could not get on line to do this early this morning.  I had an employee out sick so I had to be in the building cleaning.  Now doing all the paperwork,  payroll, etc.

Autumn came home for the weekend.  I hope you had the opportunity to watch her on Ustream.
She seemed to be very happy to be home.  Bill took her back to Raleigh this morning.  Tomorrow she goes
for her second week of radiation.   Someone asked how do they know she has cancer, where it is etc.  She was taken to Raleigh to specialist for her nasal problems.  A $1200 CAT scan showed a mass.  It was biopsied.  The tests came back malignant.  The CAT scan shows them where to do the radiation.

                                           Autumn has to keep the cone on to keep her from
                                           removing the marks on her face.  The marks show
                                           them where to do the radiation.  They are drawn on
                                           with white out.    She doesn't like the cone but needs
                                           it on there.

Sponsorship program

Did you know we have a monthly sponsorship program?
It is on $1. per day  ($30) per month.
Your donation helps us continue to provide the cats with
quality care.  To sponsor a cat just go to our
page, click on a cat and the sponsor me button is on their page
Gallie just got a new sponsor.  She has a really great
webpage.  If you like to cook,  you will like her page


Silly Paul wanted to show how little of a box he can sit in

Thank you so much for your gifts from our wish lists

Sadly they often do not tell us your name
and they never give us your contact information
Please know how grateful we are to you for
your kindness!

Thank you Stacey Coombes for the food!
Thank you Karen Rapallo for the bed!
Thank you Carly Aliff for the food!
Thank you Melinda Simon for the bowls!
Thank you unnamed for the gain softener!
Thank you unnamed for the ear cleaners!
Thank you Karin Burns for the foods!
Thank you Barbara Patterson for the food & syringes!
Thank you unnamed for the toys!
If you would like to send a gift to the cats you can watch it get opened on ustream

Have you voted today?

We hope you will vote every day for the cats to win $5,000
This money will provide medical care for approx 1 month for the cats  :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Good morning!  22 degrees, brrrrr  BUT supposed to be in the mid 40's today.   I need to refill the horses and pigs water,  glad to have the hoses unfroze.

Autumn is home for the weekend.  You can watch her live on Ustream in her room today
Just click the viewer below  or go to
She has a cone on her head,  you will also see if you watch at tour she has white lines drawn down
her face.  That is so they know where to do the radiation.  She is playing and eating.  She will return to Raleigh on Sunday and continue her second week of radiation on Monday.


Thank you so much to everyone that so generously sent gifts to the cats from our wish lists!

They often do not tell us your name and they never tell us how to contact you so we are not able to contact you directly to say thank you,   Please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness!
You may watch us open the boxes live on ustream at 6:30pm EST  most nights :)

Thank you Carey Zigouras for all the freshstep!
Thank you Ortga-Poirier for the food!
Thank you Linda Carden for the beds!
Thank you Stacey Coombes for the dishwashing soap!
Thank you unnamed for the cat litter,  laundry soap, & foods!

We WILL be opening boxes tonight :)

Tours at Noon,  3 pm,  10 pm EST
Chat at 6 pm,  Boxes at 6:30 pm EST

Have you voted today?

Congratulations!!   Because of your hard work,  we won the first week prize
of $1,000 !!    Thank you so much for voting for the cats!!

We still need your daily vote for the grand prize of $5,000!
That will cover approx 1 month of vet bills :)

If you have not voted before,  there are step by step directions to get set up    They did not make it easy to figure out :)