Sunday, February 19, 2017


Jewell wants to thank everyone for the gifts
that they sent last week. She is a older kitty we 
are guessing about 10. She has had at least 2 homes
that we know of. BCR will be here last and forever home.
She will never have to worry about being dumped in a 
Animal Control again, not having food or medical care.
She is just one of the 90 cats that we can help because
or your generosity in sending food and donations. We
can never thank you enough for all you do for us so 
we can do everything we can for the kitties here at BCR. 

Our Amazon Wish List :

Thank you unnamed for the food and syringes!
Thank you Pennie Chudzinski for the foods!
Thank you Karen Cook for the food, toys and syringes!

Lovebug Bear

Thank you Katia LaManna for the freshstep and food!
Thank you Lysa Peterson for the freshsteps and bleaches!
Thank you Neal Richards for the freshsteps!

Sweet Honey
Thank you Haley Perilloux for the freshstep!
Thank you Dawn Naska for all the food and bed!
Thank you Babara Orloff for the toys!

Thank you Rebecca for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the foods,  syringes and batteries!
Thank you Danny Cook for the food!
Thank you Neal Richards for the food!


Thank you Pat, Daisy, Max & Peanut Kellarson for the food!
Thank you Carmie Sucher for the scratch and rests!
Thank you Gianluigi for the gift card!
Thank you Haley Higgins for the food!
Thank you Art White for the gift card!
Thank you Lori Ruth for the food!

Pearl wants to thank you all for everything you do
for the kitties here at BCR. 

Please vote every day. Just scroll down and vote
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dear Snicker-Feb 14th

So I got this letter a while back and thought I would also do some research for all the people
that love cats. I mean who would not love me..errr cats? *Grins*

I desperately want to adopt a cat, particularly a black one since they are usually last to be adopted, and maybe even one that might have special needs! I've heard that cats can be very good for your health and I suffer from anxiety and depression and I thought a kitty companion might be just the thing to maybe help turn my frown upside-down.

But there is only one problem; I'm allergic to kitties! Not just fur but dander and saliva too! Do you know anything that might help me out? Perhaps suggest a breed or some ideas on how I can lessen my chances of having an allergic reaction?
Many thanks,
An allergic kitty-lover

First I thought I would tell you a little bit about cat allergies. Sadly many of my friends end up in the animal control because people get a kitten and then discover that someone in the home is allergic to it. Many times they just dump us off at the animal control because they do not know they have other choices.

Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. Many people think they are allergic too our fur but that is not true. What they are allergic to are the proteins in the cats saliva, urine, and dander(dry flakes of skin)
So if you have allergies you have a oversenstivie immune system. You mistake our harmless cat dander as something dangerous and start attacking them like you would if you had a virus. The systems you have are the side effects of your body attacking the dander. 

Also you do not have to be allergic to me to have an allergic reaction. If you let your cat outside and they get things on their fur that you are allergic to such as pollen, mold or other things and bring them inside this can also cause you to have an allergic reaction.

  • Coughing and Wheezing
  • Hives or a rash on the chest and face
  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Redness of the skin where a cat has scratched, bitten or licked you
  • Runny, itchy, stuffy nose
  • Sneezing
These allergies can develop in a few minutes or may take hours to appear. People that have allergic asthma also may have severe flair ups after coming into contact with a cat.
Also its not always the cat that causes the allergies so you will need to go to a Dr to have allergy tests run and then it may take a while to figure out what you are allergic too.

Allergy Treatments
  • Antihistamines available over the counter
  • Decongestants
  • Nasal Steroid Sprays
  • Allergy Shots are another option, they do not always work and can take years. 

Other things you can do 
  • Keep the cat out of your bedroom 
  • Don't pet hug or kiss the cat and if you do wash your hands right away. It would be kinda hard not have have a cat and not pet it. I mean look at me, you would want to pet me. *Grins* 
  • Make sure to clean your house often, vacuum, mop and clean the furniture. The less
  • rugs you have the better as its easier to clean hardwood or linoleum or tile surfaces 
  • HEPA cleaner in your home air conditioner systems or heating systems
  • HEPA vacuum cleaner used regularly 
  • Giving your cat a bath every 6 weeks can also help reduce airborne cal allergen.
There are also products you can buy that you can use to wipe down your cat instead of giving
them a bath which I myself might like better then a bath. Speaking for most cats I can tell you we do not like baths.
Quick Bath
*They have not tried any of these products on me here at BCR or the other kitties so you can try them at your own discretion* 

Cat allergies in infants 
There is ongoing debate among scientists whether infants who are exposed to animals at a very young age are destined to develop allergies, or if the opposite is true. Recent studies have come to conflicting conclusions. A 2015 study found that exposing infants to cats at home is associated with a higher risk of developing allergies during the first four years of a child’s life.

On the other hand, a 2011 study found that babies who live with cats, especially during the first year of life, develop antibodies to the pet and are less likely to acquire an allergy later.

Your doctor will be able to answer questions you may have about your baby and your cat. For children who are allergic, removing fabric toys and stuffed animals and replacing them with plastic or washable ones may help relieve symptoms.
Circassia is a biopharmaceutical Company working on cures for many allergies , one of them for cats.

Cats that are better for people with allergies

Balinese: Often called a long haired Siamese. They produce less of the Fel D1 protein than other cats which is can cause fewer allergies.

Siberian: Has a nice pretty long coat but also has lower then average enzymes levels in their saliva.

Bengal: A cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat, the Bengal is a stunning breed with hypoallergenic properties. Be prepared to pay handsomely for this kitty though, they usually start around $2,000.

Burmese: This American breed is soft and plush. They are a people-oriented and tolerant, making them great for families.

Colorpoint Shorthair: A cousin to the Siamese and subsequently crossed with them frequently, the Colorpoint is distinguished by its over 16 different “point” colors, while the Siamese only has four.

Cornish Rex: Known for their curly coats, the Cornish Rex has an energetic personality. Their coat may have something to do with their hypoallergenic status.

Devon Rex: Another rex breed with a curry coat, the Devons are considered the “pixies” of the cat world. They are great with children and other pets.

Javanese: While not recognized by every cat association, the Javanese is basically a long-haired version of the Colorpointed Shorthair mentioned above. They are considered a highly intelligent cat, that seems to understand what you are saying.

Ococat: Although the name sounds like they are from a wildcat cross-breeding (and they certainly look it!) The Ocicat is actually the result of an Abyssinian and a Siamese breeding. They are  known for being devoted to their family and love to play.

Oriental Shorthair: This exotic looking breed actually originated in England, not the orient. They have the typical Siamese personality and make great pets.

Russian Blue: An elegant cat with a neat Russian history, the Blue is an engaging cat. They will even learn to play fetch!

Siameses: The cat itself, the Siamese. A lot of the breeds on this list come from the Siamese, a cat that is easily recognizable to even those outside of the cat fancy world.

Sphynx: Not into hair? The Sphynx is your cat. Many may think this cat should be non-allergenic, but remember it’s not the hair, but the dander and saliva that cause allergic reactions. However, this cat is low on the allergy scale and has quite the personality, make him a good choice.

We actually have what looks like a Russian Blue here at BCR named Poppy and also a Siameses named Sandy here at BCR. 

So as a cat that came from a shelter and was going to be euthanized because I was blind, please if you find out you are allergic to one of  my fellow felines, do not just dump it off at a kill shelter. Try some of the alternatives there are out there now to help you keep your kitty. Do research online to see if there are other treatments that what I have mentioned above. My kitty paws can only do so much computer typing *Smiles* Make an appointment with your doctor and your vet as well to see what you can do. If you still can not deal with the allergies please find someone to take your kitty that will give them a forever home. There are so many of us in kill shelters now already that no one will adopt. 

Also something else you can do is visit a friend that has cats. Spend time at their house petting their cats and see if you have any reactions to them before you adopt a kitty. Go over a few times just to make sure. If you find or think that you are allergic to their cat, see if you can visit a breeder of one of the breeds I have talked about above. See if you are allergic to any of those.

All purebred cats also have rescues so you could contact them and tell them you would like to give one a forever home. So you can still adopt a kitty that needs a home. Just make sure you will keep them and give them a forever home. There are way too many of my feline friends already needing homes so please do not get a kitty if you are not willing to do what it takes to keep it. 


I also want to wish all my human friends and feline friends a Happy Valentine's Day! *Purrr*
Love Snicker

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why cats meow with toys in their mouths.

I thought we would do a 2nd part to our article last week about why cats bring us presents
we sometimes do not want.
How many of you have cats that go around your house with their toys in their mouth, meowing?
I do. Molly one of my 2 cats,  loves her feather toy and will drag it around the house meowing. She likes to do this in the middle of the night though, which I do not always think is so cute at 2
am in the morning. LOL

Why cats meow with toys in their mouths and other behaviours

Mandy Cooper

There's no denying it. No matter how much you love your cat, there's still a bit of a
language barrier. You understand your cats “I'm hungry” meow and “wake me up and pet
me” meow so if you're wondering why kitty meows with a toy in their mouth, it's likely they
are bringing attention to them and their prized possession.

In the wild, cats tend to vocalise with their kittens and sexual partners. By changing the
tone and pattern of their meow, they can communicate a variety of intentions. If you watch
kitty when they see a bird out of the window, for instance, you will notice their meow is
very different to say a “let me outside” meow. Kitty is calling your attention to their prized

Mother cats will often teach their kittens to hunt by catching prey and bringing it back to
their kittens, giving the kittens something to practice hunting on. When kitty makes a big
fuss to having a toy in their mouth, they want you to pay attention to it. Making a fuss over
toys isn't a cats only part of cat play.

 If your cat drops toys in food or water dishes, your cat is not trying to bath the toys but is securing their toy in a safe place after playing with it. In a cats world, food and water dishes are part of their territory and a secure place to stash their prized boy away from possible predators as if they were in the wild.

This sort of play teaches your cat to show off their treasures through meows
and other noises and provides your cat with mental and physical stimulation. Play is a
huge part of why cats meow with their treasures as well as wanting your attention to
notice them and the toy in their mouth. The meow sounds like the cat is in distress but
they are actually quite the opposite and want you to notice what they are doing.

This behaviour seems to happen more when no one is watching and if you notice and pay
attention, your cat is happy with that, drops the toy and toddles off or settles down,
especially if your cat does this at night while you are asleep. It's an instinctual behaviour
learned from kittenhood. I “killed” my toy for you and I'm very clever. Notice me. It's quite
amazing how their learned behaviours come into play. Mum cat catches food and yowls for
their kittens to come and get it. It's no different to our own cats and their offerings for us.
We are “helpless” cats and need to be “taught” how to “catch” things and prove what
great hunters we are too.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Wifi wants to thank everyone for the 
gifts we got this week for the kitties. 

If you would like to send the kitties something you can 
do so by using the link below:

You can also send things to the kitties from
Your first order you can pick BCR and they will donate
20 dollars to our rescue as well.
They also have a program called
Chewy Autoship
On your first order you get 20% off. After that each additional
order you get 5% off. You pick your products and schedule
your shipments from 1 week to 6 months in the future.
You can change the items in your order or cancel at any time.
They have everything you need for your special
kitties here at BCR and your own kitties as well.
Thank you Second Hand Cafe for the big box of goodies!!
Thank you Brandi Reidenhour for the food and water holders!
Thank you unnamed for all the gloves!

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Michelle DeWitt for the syringes and food!
Thank you Dorothy Smith and Luna for the gift cards!
Thank you Christina Gandley for all the food!

Thank you Crystal S for the bleach packs, food and syringes!
Thank you Casey Luke for the food!
Thank you Lorena for the food!

Thank you Linda for all the hummingbird food, bird seed and bee food!
Thank you J. Thompson for the joint supplement!
Thank you unnamed for the cat litter!

Thank you Glenn Croft for the gift card!
Thank you unnamed for the gift card!
Thank you to the many unnamed for the packages of food,
 amazon did not give us a packing slip or your names!

Thank you Michele for the food!
Thank you Melissa Green hut for all the food!
Thank you Lorna Ste. Marie for the syringes, dish cleaner and bleach packs!

*~*~New Fundraiser! *~*~ 
Shirts for sale, 6 colors, sizes to 4 XL, International shipping!!
100% of the donations will be used to save lives with our spay/neuter program.
Your kindness will help save lives and prevent thousands
of homeless babies from being born.
Here is the link==

Bear wants to remind everyone about Open House tomorrow!

Princess Molly also wants to thank you for all your support
for her and the kitties here at BCR. 

As you might have noticed the blog is getting a overhaul.
I am still working on it so you will see changes
for a little while longer until I get everything
in it that I want. There are going to be more
Dear Snickers and also we would like for our fans 
to send in a little story about their pet(s) with a couple 
pictures. We are going to start posting those
as well. They do not have to be only cats
they can be any pet you have. You can send your story
into Snicker at:

As always thank you to Cheryl for some of the pictures I use
for the blog.  Also we have a new writer that is helping
me write some informative articles. Mandy Cooper is a
supporter, ustream chatter and part of the BCR family. If you are a member
or our Friends of BCR group on Facebook you will see
every day a cross stitch of the cat of the day.
 She also does those. 
You can also see a lot of pictures from Cheryl on there as well that you
won't see otherwise. 
Mandy ask me if there was anything
else she could help with so I ask her if she would be 
interested in writing some articles and she said sure.
Her first article was published yesterday and she did a 
great job and its a great help for me as well. 

We hope you enjoy the blog and please do not
forget to subscribe to our newsletter and also
share our blog with your friends. :)

Gena A

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why do your cats bring you presents you might not exactly think are cute?

You open the door to let kitty in for dinner and what do they bring? An unusual present. Why would kitty need to bring in unwanted presents when they have their own food to eat?

Here are a few facts about what drives this behaviour.

Cats are natural born hunters. Though they were domesticated nearly 10 000 years ago. Cats retained their keen hunting instincts of their wilder ancestors. Female cats are the most likely to bring presents to their owners because in the wild, mothers teach their young how to hunt and eat their own food. By leaving a present on your doorstep, your kitty is acting out its natural role as hunter and teacher.

Consider what this behaviour means. Your cats habits are based on survival instinct. Cats evolved to become brilliant and efficient predators. They have sharp teeth, retractable claws, cushioned paws to silently creep up on their prey, night vision and they are fast and agile. Cats learn through experience which involves teaching the kitten to look after themselves. Given that female cats are most likely to bring back presents, the most likely explanation for this behaviour is that they are trying to teach you (their human) how to hunt. 

Next time kitty brings you a present, remember that they love you and are just trying to bring out your inner predator.

Many cats become expert hunters, be it a feather on a string, a moth or even a mouse. Cat hunting skills doesn't depend on hunger, even well fed kitties indulge in this behaviour. Cats wouldn't bother bringing presents to you if they don't have a loving relationship with you. Cats are different from dogs in that they can't have their hunting behaviours trained out of them.

Cats behave in this way is to appear as a gesture of giving. Your cat may also be trying to show off their ability to hunt. Maybe your kitty believes that you are their people and it's their job to take care of you. You don't want to hurt their feelings by running in horror but you certainly aren't going to eat what kitty brings you unless you enjoy eating mice and lizards. Act happy, make a fuss and praise your kitty and then dispose of the “present” when kitty isn't looking. No amount of training methods will make your cat stop hunting. The thing to remember is to not act negatively if your kitty brings in a present. Your cat is not being bad.

Kittens are programmed from birth to chase through play, they develop the coordination and timing needed to successfully capture a target. Play gives the kitten a chance to learn to make judgments by experience.

Why do cats appear to torture or play with their catch? One answer may be that kitty is wary of their catch fighting back or biting back. When they do finally catch their “present”, they prolong the great event as much as possible. Remember that kitty is showing they want to feed us, showing off their hunting skills and they expect a fuss.

Showing praise in a positive way through play with toys, mice and feathers will encourage kitty to show off their gifts in a way that will suit us better. It's a recognition of how much kitty values us and how good kitty is at taking care of their friends. We shouldn't punish kitty or ignore their gift or try other ways to get the kitty to stop doing it. It's just what they are born to do.

Mandy Cooper

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dear Snicker-Feb 2

Hey guys, your favorite hard working cat Snicker here.
Thought I would take the time to try to answer some emails today.
So first we have one from Cliff the cat

Hello Snicker,
My name is Cliff and I live in Illinois. My mom wishes I would cuddle more, but I can't be bothered with that. Any tips on how to make the mom lady feel loved, while maintaining my cat like independence?

Hey Cliff,
Well you know how us cats are. Some of us like to cuddle, some like to be held, some like to sleep in the bed with their owners. Oh wait no one owns us cats do they *Grins* Many cats just do not like to cuddle. It does not mean you do not love your mom. You are just more independent. Many of the kitties here at BCR do not like to be picked up, or held and some do not even want to be bothered with humans. Others here will get in your lap as soon as you sit down and we have some that will climb on your back and shoulders. So cliff I am sure your mommy knows you love her and by the looks of the picture you love shoes too. *Purrs*


Our next letter is from Sofia:
Hey Snicker? How are you? I really wanted to ask you a question. Is there another cat that's older than you, if so, how old is she/he? By the way, my kitty named Rufus says hello from Texas. And I also love the way that you guys take care of the animals, I really want to go! One of my goals is to go there and pet every single cat and kitty.
Lots of love from Texas,

Hey Sofia. I am great, Thank you so much for asking. Yes there are many cats here at BCR that are older then me. The oldest is Abbey who is 18 now. She is in the other building in the blind room. Then there is old man Keller as we call him. We think he is around 16 or 17. Several of the other blind kitties are older then I am. We would love for you to come visit. We have a wonderful guest house for people to stay at. We only ask in return that you come in the mornings at 8 and work with the staff. Say hi to Rufus from me. *HeadBonks* Snicker.

Dear Snicker
I hope you can offer some advice on how to get my two rescue cats to use the cat flap we got them. They simply will not push through with their heads. They sit beside it waiting for someone to let them out. (They are really clever in all other respects.) I hook the flap open for them now, and they go in and out quite happily, but would love them to use it properly. Any tips, O wise one?
Lots of love

Hey Felicity *Grins* First of all I want to thank you so much for adopting 2 rescue kitties.
We actually have a couple cats here at BCR that will not go in and out of the cat flap to the catio. We have to make sure that they are inside if they go out with us because if not they won't come inside until someone opens the door for them. Propping it open was a great idea. If they are still not using it though you could try this.
Get a friend to help you, collect some of his favourite treats and position one person on the inside and one on the outside. The person on the outside should pop his hand through the flap and give the cat a treat. Repeat this a few times, then push in the flap, put the hand with a treat under again and guide the cat through. When he gets to the other side, give him a few treats and lots of praise; then repeat this the other way round. Never push the cat through! You will ruin the training and he may hurt himself.
*Headbonks to your kitties* Snicker.

I get a lot of letters asking if I am ok. Thank you everyone for asking but I am fine now. I actually just went to see the kitty doctor the other week and they did all kinds of things doctors do to check me out. They said I was fine and healthy and happy. I could have told them that *Purrs*

Many people always ask if we get treats, what treats we get and what food we eat.
Yes we get treats almost every day. Our treats must be grain free because we have kitties here that
have allergies. They have many different grain free treats at Amazon if you would like to send us something.

Also if you check out our wish list : Amazon Wish List you can see the food we like to eat right now. You know how us cats are. We change our minds about what food we want so right now we want Tiki Cat. Also our food must be grain free as well.

Bunny ordering her favorite Tiki cat food. 

People also ask do we get catnip and do we love it. Yes we get lots of catnip and our toys are put in a bucket full of catnip so they have catnip all over them when we get them back.  Most of us love catnip. That is also something you can send us from Amazon if you like. Some of our favorite catnip toys are the Cat Nip Banana and the Cat Nip Rainbow

Speaking of Amazon. We all love to shop there. My mommy shops from there all the time. I am pretty sure if they delivered groceries, she would shop those from there as well. *Grins* If you shop on Amazon please shop Amazon Smile and choose us as your charity. They really do send us money from most of the personal products people shop for themselves from Amazon.

Thank you so much for your letters. Also we would love for you to send us a picture of your kitty or kitties and maybe tell us a little story about them. How you adopted them, what they are like or anything that you would like us to know about them.  
You can send them to me at :


Sunday, January 29, 2017


Cassie wants to thank everyone for the kitty goodies
that they sent last week. If you would like to
send something you can use the link
from our Amazon wish list below:

Thank you Paul Giannetta for the towels, rags and book!
Thank you Amanda Green for the treats and glass cleaner!
Thank you Diane for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the gift card!

Thank you Monica Kelly for the syringes!
Thank you Wendy Toal for the towels as a birthday gift for her son- Happy Birthday!!
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Thank you Stephanie Vogt for all the towels!
Thank you Jennifer Hededus for the amazon gift card!
Thank you George Thurmann for the litter!

Thank you Bob Wing & Martiza for the towels!
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Thank you Dana Fuller for the syringes and litter!
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Thank you Dawn Naska for the foods!

Thank you Ashley Martinez for the medicine!
Thank you Richard Viano for the gift card!
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Thank you Carolann Curry & Kevin Hatfield for the bleach, food, and gloves!

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We found  Bunny on the computer the other day.
She was looking up our Amazon wish list so she could
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would like you can send her some of her favorite food
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Tiki Cat Food

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