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Thank You! August 9, 2020

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Wish List you've sent to the cats!
Thank you Sunetra Banerjee for the food!
Thank you Ione & Tinky for the broom set!
Thank you Carol Shoener for the ensure and Fresh Step!
Thank you Lauri for the bleach!
Thank you Bill Lewis for the air conditioner!
Thank you Melissa M for the air conditioner
Thank you unnamed for the KMR!
Thank you Karl for the food!
Thank you to several unnamed people for the syringes,
food, toys and gas drops! Thank you Cindy Potter for the bleach, toys and gloves!
Thank you Lauri Chupka for the bleach and Fresh Step!
Thank you Geraldine Trakys for the trash bags and office paper!
Thank you Donna Mitchell for the towels, calming collars, office paper and Fresh Step!

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