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Cats and Skin Cancer

They're covered with fur, so cats can't get skin cancer, right?  Wrong!  They can get skin cancer - and that includes indoor cats, too.  The chief cause is exposure to the sun, just like humans.  Because cats love warmth, outdoor cats tend to find sunny spots to sleep in during all seasons and the same is true for indoor cats.  They may camp out in window hammock or on a couch or even the floor where there's a sunny spot.  Cats with light colored or thin fur and those with no hair are at a greater risk for cancer.  Genetics, a trauma or injury that leaves a scar, and chronic skin allergies that causes cats to scratch or lick an area can also cause cancer.  Other than genetics, these possible causes involve a mark or scar on skin that can cause irritation. While there are lots of types of feline skin cancer, there are four that are the most common.  According to , they are: Basal cell tumors - usually found on the head, neck and shoulders but can be other places. 

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