Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holly Dolly

SNICKER: Today we've got Holly here to talk about how she came to be here at BCR! Holly, it's great to see you girl, how are you today?

HOLLY: I'm great! Just got done soaking up the sun and rolling in the grass. 

SNICKER: Great! So tell us your story! I want to know everything!

HOLLY: Okay, well, I was with a family for about 11 long and loving years... before they dropped me off at the pound.

SNICKER: WHAT?!!? They dropped you at the pound? Oh my gosh! After 11 years?

HOLLY: Yeah. I was just as shocked as you, believe me. I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe they'd just leave me at the pound. I was such a great cat to them. 

SNICKER: Oh wow. I'm so sorry Holly. What happened next?

HOLLY: Well, since I'm a purebred Persian, a local rescue group was going to pull me out of the pound. Unfortunately for me, I tested FELV+...

SNICKER: Wait... Then why aren't you in the FELV room?

HOLLY: Well, I'm not actually FELV+.

SNICKER: Wait, I thought you just said...

HOLLY: I tested FELV+ on an unreliable test. I was tested later after I arrived here and I am not FELV+

SNICKER: Well, I bet that was a relief for you!

HOLLY: Well, not really... At the point I wanted to lay down and die anyway. I was so depressed...

SNICKER: Oh no...

HOLLY: Well, anyway, BCR was contacted about me and I was sent here. 


HOLLY: At the time it wasn't for me. Like I said, I wanted to die. I had just lost every single thing I had known. 

SNICKER: What happened when you got to BCR?

HOLLY: Well, after I got to BCR, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I lost my eyesight after I got here.

SNICKER: Woah! You weren't always blind? So what is it like to be able to see? That's so amazing!   (Alana's note,  sadly the only picture we have of Holly with eyes is a very bad copy of a copy picture on a piece of paper.  She lost her eyes the day after arriving)

HOLLY: Well, seeing is great, but absolutely not necessary. I do just as fine without as I did with.  It's kind of hard to explain what seeing is like. Everything has a shape or a color. It's like a picture in your head at all times. Instead of seeing things with our whiskers and our hearing you things take shape. They look more vivid than your imagination. 

SNICKER: Well, I'm not sure that was a good way to describe sight, but I suppose I understand what you're saying. So what happened next?

HOLLY: Well, like I said, I lost my sight. I don't think things could have gotten any worse. I lost my family, my eyesight, and my will to live. I just wanted to be left alone to die in peace. Didn't I at least deserve to die in peace? Apparently not, because Alana wouldn't give up on me. At one point I had a feeding tube because I stopped eating. I didn't want to be touched. I was a complete mess Snicker. I really let life get me down. At this point in my life, I'm actually a little ashamed at how depressed I was.

SNICKER: No need to be ashamed. You lost everything. I totally understand being depressed about that. 

HOLLY: So... I was a mess. Well, it was around fall and I was still depressed but it was a beautiful fall day. It was a nice cool 70 degrees out and the birds were out like crazy. I went to the door and just sat there, looking pitiful I suppose, I love the outside. Alana looked at me long and hard and decided that it would be a good idea to let me out. So she opened the door and I ran out as fast as my little legs would carry me!

SNICKER: Oh my! What happened next?

HOLLY: I ran to the grass and started rolling around! I love being outside!!! I was so happy. I couldn't believe it. I've heard people say that being out in nature can really cure depression, but I never really believed it until that moment. I felt all my pain and despair start to dissipate. It was such an uplifting moment in my life. 

SNICKER: Oh wow!!!

HOLLY: Yeah! It wasn't long after that, that I started eating and the feeding tube was taken out.

SNICKER: That is so amazing! I'm so happy for you!

HOLLY: So, now I'm a lobby cat, and I have a way to get into the backyard whenever I feel the need to decompress. 

SNICKER: That was such a great story! So, what do you think of Blind Cat Rescue.

HOLLY: BCR saved my life. If it wasn't for Alana, I would have completely given up my life a long time ago. She's an angel and I love BCR. 

SNICKER: I agree! Well Holly! I am so glad everything turned out so well for you even after having such a rough life. We're glad you're here. We love you! Thanks for coming in for this interview! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Introducing Maggie & Angel

Maggie & Angel are BCR's longest residents. They arrived in 2006

Maggie started out with a loving owner who, unfortunately for Maggie, passed away. The family of the deceased owner decided that they didn't want the responsibility of this beautiful baby, and sent her to their local humane society. 

While in this humane society, Maggie contracted an upper respiratory infection and lost her eyesight. Just think, losing the one you love, being put in a humane shelter, and then losing your eyesight. To make matters worse, the humane society decided that because couldn't see, they were going to put her down.

Picture when she arrived  in 2006

Thankfully for Maggie, a very kind volunteer was watching the entire incident. She told the humane society that if they didn't fix her and hand Maggie over to her, she would go to the press. They did just that and Maggie was now on her way to a foster home that this amazing volunteer found for her.

Angel was born blind and found herself in the SAME humane society as Maggie had been in. Angel was pulled from the humane society and placed in the SAME foster home as Maggie. This is where Maggie and Angel first met.  Unfortunately for them, their lives aren't easy yet.

Angel 2006

The man who was fostering our two beautiful girls was only supposed to have two pets in his home. He was fostering nine cats! The landlord came in and told him to get rid of seven cats or to find a new home. The man had to call the rescue back up and tell them he couldn't foster Maggie, Angel, and five other cats. 
The rescue had to do something immediately! It's not easy placing one cat on such short notice, let alone seven. 

Blind Cat Rescue was just getting up and running when we received a call from the  rescue saying that they had two blind cats who desperately needed a home. Of course we said yes. Maggie and Angel have been with us the longest and we're happy to have them in our lives. 

Angel is a sweet loving girl with long fluffy hair. She just wants to show you how much love she has to give, and if you're lucky enough to meet her, I guarantee her loving heart will change you for the better. 

Angel Now 

Maggie is a slightly over weight kitty who was recently diagnosed with diabetes which we are working on getting under control. Despite everything she has been through, she's still as sweet and loving as ever. She doesn't care much for other cats, she really loves to be left alone unless you're a human willing to give lots of loving. She is a lobby cat and loves it that way. 

Maggie now

Angel loves soft things, especially the fluffy fleece blankets and the beds that she can curl up in. She loves the new Weruva  Cat's in the kitchen  wet food that we've been feeding her.
You can find it on our Amazon wish list  :) 

Maggie loves things that surround her. She loves to sleep in the Fish, pineapple and strawberry beds that people send. She is not a big fan of wet food, and because she has diabetes we are trying out a special type of low carbohydrate dry food. 

If you'd like to send our cats something special you can go to our Amazon wishlist.

They love getting new things and especially love box opening. We open boxes  at 6:30pm EST live on Ustream.     The cats absolutely enjoy it, so feel free to check us out!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Interview with some employees!

SNICKER: Today is a very special blog entry. We are interviewing the employees of BCR!! Let's start with Jennifer! Jennifer, how are you?

JENNIFER: I'm great! Thanks for asking!

SNICKER: So tell me, how did you hear about BCR? 

JENNIFER: Well, I know a great woman named Robin! She loves BCR and brought me to an Open House last November. I was hooked.

SNICKER: Oh! I love Robin. She does all of our great pictures! 

JENNIFER: Yep, she's very talented!

SNICKER: So, what did you like most when you came to BCR for the first time?

JENNIFER: I loved the fact that the cats all have a forever home, are well cared for, and very loved. It just seemed like a place I really wanted to be. I feel in love with Meadow the first time I came. She was so sweet. 

SNICKER: Aww! So how did you hear about an opening?

JENNIFER: Well, Robin told me about an opening. I immediately emailed BCR! I had an interview and the rest is history!

SNICKER: Awesome! I'm glad you got a job here. We love you!! 

JENNIFER: Thanks Snicker. I love everyone here!

SNICKER: So, tell me, who is your favorite  cat?

JENNIFER: Well, I don't have just one favorite. 

SNICKER: Well, give me your top 10!

JENNIFER: Hmm... Okay... Boots, Noah, Felix, Kellar, Candy, Mickey, Socks, Scotty, Edward, and Sierra. In no particular order. I have lots of others though!!!

SNICKER: Well geez! You do have a lot of favorites. So, what do you do here at BCR?

JENNIFER: I do chores like laundry, dishes, and feeding. I give the night time medicines. I play with the kitties. I write the Blind Cat Rescue blog, open boxes at 6:30pm EST, post Instagram pictures, post on Facebook and chat with the Ustream and Youtube viewers. If you'd like to check out some of the things I do you can check them out on these links.

SNICKER: Wow! Awesome. Thanks for all the links! So tell me, what's your least favorite chore here at BCR?

JENNIFER: I would definitely have to say my least favorite chore is cleaning the litter boxes. I definitely do not enjoy that. 

SNICKER: Well, let me say, I appreciate you cleaning out my litter box!

JENNIFER: Well, thank you Snicker! I'm glad you appreciate it!

SNICKER: Okay Jennifer, I have to go interview other people, but I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. 

JENNIFER: No problem! Have a great day!

SNICKER: Next we're going to talk to Stephanie! Hi Steph! How are you and can you tell us how you heard about Blind Cat Rescue?

STEPHANIE: I heard about BCR online and I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking!

SNICKER: Great! I'm happy to hear that! So you heard about us online. What made you decide that you wanted to work here?

STEPHANIE: I liked the fact that BCR adopts cats that no one else would adopt. It just seems like a great organization to be associated with. I love animals, especially cats and I was just so happy with the work that goes on here, I just felt like I had to be a part of it!

SNICKER: Yeah, a lot of great things are happening here at BCR. Lots of love!  So, I know you have to have a favorite... Who is your favorite cat?

STEPHANIE: Well, I have a lot of favorites... Can I pick a few?


STEPHANIE: Well then my favorites are Hermes, Candy, Smudge, Sierra, Honey, Felix, Pixie, Sandy, and of course YOU!

SNICKER: Aww. You're just saying that because I'm the one interviewing you! You're just being nice!

STEPHANIE: No way Snicker. I definitely mean it! I love you! You're awesome!!!

SNICKER: Aww, well that means a lot to me! I'm glad you love me so much. I love you too! So what do you do here at BCR?

STEPHANIE: I clean, feed, and medicate. I also play with the kitties and I give awesome tours at 12 p.m  and 3 pm. EST!!! 

SNICKER: Oh yeah, I heard you give awesome tours!!!

STEPHANIE: I do give awesome tours! The chore I dislike the most has definitely got to be dishes. I hate washing dishes! 

SNICKER: Ha ha! I bet. I hate water, so I bet I wouldn't like doing the dishes either! Okay Stephanie, I've got someone else to interview, so I'll talk to you later. Have a great day!!!

SNICKER: Now I'm here with Sydney! Glad to have you here Sydney! So, can you tell me how you heard about Blind Cat Rescue?

SYDNEY: Thanks Snicker, I'm happy to be here. I heard about BCR through Robesonian website. 

SNICKER: Okay, cool. So what, you say the job ad and thought, heck yeah, I'd love to have a job with cats?

SYDNEY: Pretty much. I thought it would be great to play with 90 cats everyday! I was correct! This job is fantastic. I love the cats!

SNICKER: So, who is your favorite?

SYDNEY: I have a few favorites. Bear, Meadow, Candy, Smudge, Jager, and Felix.

SNICKER: Great! So, what are your duties here at BCR?

SYDNEY: I medicate, feed and water, clean, and play with the cats.

SNICKER: What is the chore you hate the most?

SYDNEY: Cleaning up hairballs, they're squishy! I hate hairballs!

SNICKER: Ha ha ha!!! I hate hairballs too! I bet you've never had to hack one up. You get a whole new perspective on them. Very gross. Okay Sydney, we've run out of time. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I hope you have a great day and I can't wait to see you again. Bye everyone!!!

Written by: Snicker
Edited by: Jennifer

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Raffle

SNICKER: Hey! I'm back! Today we're going to talk about the raffle. I'm especially excited to talk about the raffle, because, well, I don't know what the heck a raffle is! Our special guest is... 

ALANA!!!!! Or mom as most of us here at BCR like to call her. So, uhh, what the heck is a raffle? It sounds like some sort of fluffy toy!

ALANA: Ha ha ha. No, not a fluffy toy. A raffle is a drawing of tickets that everyone buys.  Each ticket that we draw out of the box we will give someone a prize.

SNICKER: So... It's like a lottery, but you win stuff instead of money?

ALANA: Yep. 

SNICKER: So what are you raising the money for?

ALANA: For you of course! You and all your brothers and sisters. The money from the raffle will help cover vet costs, food, cleaning supplies, toys,  the roof over your head, the employees that come and keep your house cleaned, the power that gives you nice cool air conditioning and much more that all of you need to be happy and healthy kitties. 

SNICKER: Wow! Really? That's awesome. I know we have a lot of vet costs here. Especially with the surgeries and all. Like Candy's ear surgery for example. How much will that cost?

ALANA: Last year we spent over $81,000 on vet costs.  Candy's operation was over $3,000!

SNICKER: WHAT?!!? Wow, that is alot of money!!! :)   So this raffle will definitely come in handy! That's great! So, what kind of prizes can someone win in this raffle?

ALANA: Well, we have all sorts of things! We have a trip to BCR Airline ticket max. price of $500. 1 night pajama party at the shelter, and one night at the local Day's Inn. 32 GB Black Ipad with Wifi. 4 One-Day Disney Park Hopper Passes. Valued at $124. each. We have a bunch more prizes. If you'd like to see what you can win, you can go to this website:    It also has all the rules and regulations.

SNICKER: That's awesome!!! I can't wait to see who wins the trip to BCR and the pajama party! It's going to be so much fun! What about those of us who like to sleep au natural?

ALANA: Ha ha. You can sleep nude all you'd like Snicker, but I think every human attending should be wearing clothes! Can you imagine being naked and having Chester try to climb up your back? That would not be fun!

SNICKER: Great point! How much are the tickets?

ALANA:  Only $10 for each opportunity to win one of these great prizes!!

SNICKER: $10? Wow! That's cheap! Especially for all the really cool things you can win! Like the trip to BCR!!! How long is the contest running?

ALANA: The contest started at 12:01 a.m. EST 07/01/2013 and ends 11:59 p.m. EST 8/31/2013.

SNICKER: Oh! It ends on Jennifer's birthday! Random facts!

ALANA: Happy early birthday Jennifer!

SNICKER: How do I pay for a ticket?

ALANA: If you go to the link that I gave you, you will see where you can buy a ticket, all the rules and regulations, the date of the raffle, and all the great prizes. I'll give you the link again:

SNICKER: Thanks Mom ! I am super excited about this raffle and I know everyone else is as well! Thank you so much for explaining it to me! I can't wait to see who wins what! I appreciate you letting me interview you!

ALANA: Thank you Snicker! Bye everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snickers' Exclusive with Virginia

SNICKER: Ms. Virginia, I really want to thank you for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions for me. I know everyone appreciates it.

VIRGINIA: Of course, I was flattered that you wanted to talk to little 'ol me.

SNICKER: I always love talking to beautiful cats!

VIRGINIA: Aww, thanks Snick! You're so sweet!

SNICKER: You're welcome. So lets start with the questions shall we? I've heard rumors throughout the farm that you may be sick, what's wrong?

VIRGINIA: Well Snick, I am sick. In fact, my sickness is part of the reason I'm at BCR in the first place!

SNICKER: Really? I'd love to hear how you ended up at BCR.

VIRGINIA: Well, my brother Danny and I, ended up at a high kill shelter in West Virginia. Being at a high kill shelter is bad, but to make it worse, my brother and I were both blind and we were both FELV+!! Thankfully for us someone at the shelter got a hold of BCR and told Alana about our situation. That's how I got to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Virginia and Danny on her right

SNICKER: So you have a brother?

VIRGINIA: I had a brother. He passed away about 15 months ago from the same disease that's afflicting me now.  Feline Leumkemia

SNICKER: I'm so sorry to hear that.

VIRGINIA: It's okay, he had an amazing life. He wasn't scared when he got sick. He just lived every day happy and to the fullest. He had no worries. He was loved and he knew he was loved. In the end, that's all you can hope for and I hope to be just as happy near my end.

Danny & Virginia playing with Ed

SNICKER: That's a great way to look at life. How do you feel knowing that you may not be here much longer?

VIRGINIA: Well, I'm not scared, I'm actually relieved because I'm going to get to see Danny again and I've missed him so much! I am worried about my momma though. She loves me so much and I know that when I cross over the rainbow bridge, she is going to miss me very much. I just hope she knows how much she means to me. Without her, Danny and I wouldn't have got to live out our lives in such an amazing place with so much love.

With a visitor

SNICKER: You're so brave!

VIRGINIA: Well thank you!

SNICKER: Is there anything you'd like to say to all of the people who love and care about you?

Virginia with a visitor

Virginia: I love all of you. Don't cry for me, but instead remember all of the happy times. Remember how much I loved to sit in your lap and purr for hours. Never forget how I loved to groom you until your hand was raw, and you loved me so much you never made me stop even when it hurt you. Remember how I would run up to you for a big hug because I was always happy to see everyone. Remember that even though I won't be here forever, I will still always be with you. Remember that you gave me an amazing life and I love you all dearly for it.

Virginia & Ryan at June Open house

SNICKER: That was beautiful. I want you to know that you are an amazing cat and I feel very lucky to be able to say that I know you. I will pray that you have lots of time left with us! Thank you again for letting me get an exclusive interview with you!

VIRGINIA: You're welcome Snick. I just want to say I love you all!!

                                                 A wonderful Video of Virginia :)

7/10/2013  Virginia was diagnosed with lymphoma involving her spinal cord.  She was no longer able to stand on her own nor have control of her bowels or bladder.  The agonizingly painful decision was to euthanize her.   We will always remember this sweet girl with the rough tongue who loved to lick you.  She was such a sweet loving soul and we were so blessed to have been loved by her for 2 years.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Baron the Cat

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! Today we are going to be talking to one of our newer cats! BARON! Say hi Baron.

BARON: Hi Baron.

SNICKER: No, say hello to all the wonderful people who will be eager to read all about you!

BARON: Hi everyone!

SNICKER: So, Baron, tell me, where are you from?

BARON: I'm originally from Orlando, Florida.

SNICKER: Oh wow! Did you ever go to Disney World? SeaWorld? Magic Kingdom? Universal?

BARON: Nope. I'm a cat. I can't get into places like that! Silly! I wouldn't go to SeaWorld even if I could. I feel bad for all the big animals that live in the small cages. I wouldn't want to live in a cage all the time. I'm like a miniature tiger! I've got to be able to run and play and do crazy things! I can't do that in a tiny cage! 

SNICKER: Good point. I never thought of it like that! 

BARON: I do know that there is a raffle going on here at Blind Cat Rescue. I know that there is a very special prize .4 One-Day Disney Park Hopper Passes. Valued at $124. each. valid during normal operating hours & provide admission to the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios & Disney Animal Kingdom for one day. Cards valid for 18 months 1 ticket will be awarded the prize.
So, that means you can go to any Disney that you want! So, you could do what I couldn't as a cat and go have a great time!!!

SNICKER: Oh yeah! I forgot all about that prize! So, how did you get to BCR?

BARON: I came from Orlando like I said. My owners had too many cats. A rescuer came to help find all of us a home. A few weeks earlier we found out my brother was felv+ and he was put down. 

SNICKER: Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that!

BARON: It's okay. 

SNICKER: So what happened next?

BARON: I got sick. They took me to the vet... and BOOM! I had felv as well!

SNICKER: Oh no! What happened?

BARON: They didn't want to have to put me down, so someone got in contact with BCR and I ended up at a vets office with Ms. Diane! All I had to do was wait for someone to take me to BCR.

SNICKER: Oh cool! You got to meet Ms. Diane? Is she as cool as I hear she is?

BARON: She's even cooler than that! 

SNICKER: Awesome. Ha Ha. I hear she'll be here for a visit at the end of the month. Are you excited to see her again?

BARON: Most definitely. 

SNICKER: So how did you get from Florida to North Carolina?

BARON: This lovely woman named Joan, and her equally lovely husband Jim were in Florida on a vacation I believe, and they agreed to bring us (Myself, Jager, & Smudge) here to BCR. 

SNICKER: Ohh! I know Joan! She's such a sweet woman! 

BARON: Yes, very sweet. 

SNICKER: Do you like your new name?

BARON: I absolutely love my new name. I've met the kind man I'm named after. He's full of love and kindness. He sat with me and bonded with me. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be named after. 

SNICKER: Oh yes, we here at BCR absolutely adore Bill. He's an angel from above and you can tell that he's truly a great man. We love you Bill!!!!! How do you like it here?

BARON: I love it. I have great food and great friends and lots of love. What more could a guy ask for?

SNICKER: Ha ha ha! Ain't that the truth! I'm glad you're so happy here. It seems like you're adjusting very well here. I know I'm speaking for everyone when I say welcome to Blind Cat Rescue!

BARON: Thanks Snicker! Well, it's about time for my 3rd cat nap for the day, so I'm going to have to get out of here. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I truly appreciate it!

SNICKER: Bye Baron!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Snicker's exclusive interview with Jagermeister

SNICKER: Hey there everyone. I'm back and I've got a super cool cat here with me today! Jager! He's one of our newest cats and has had up close and personal experience with on of the coolest BCR angels, Ms. Diane, or as some of you may know her, Steviesmom! Jager, I'm glad you could be here with us today!

JAGER: Thanks Snicker, I'm overjoyed to be here. 

SNICKER: Great! So tell us, how did you end up here at BCR?

JAGER: Well, I lived with.... a hoarder.

SNICKER: Oh no! Not a hoarder! They often mean well, but it usually ends up badly. Lack of finances, medical care, and food create a perfect storm, so to speak, for hoarding conditions and sickly animals. The authorities are often brought in to situations like this.

JAGER: Exactly Snicker. Being in a hoarding situation is never a good thing. If you ever suspect a hoarding situation, it would be a good idea to pick up the phone and call your local humane law enforcement department, police department, animal shelter, animal welfare group or veterinarian to initiate the process of getting the hoarder and the animals involved help. For more information you can check out this site: 

SNICKER: So what happened?

JAGER: Well, after I was rescued, it was found that I am FELV+. I wasn't the only one either. There were over 8 of us with FELV and most of them were put to sleep!

SNICKER: Oh no! How did you get out alive?

JAGER: Well, I was lucky, that's all there really is to it. Thankfully Alana had an opening here at BCR and I was the cat picked. Pure unadulterated luck! So, if it wasn't for BCR, I probably wouldn't be here. As I'm sure you know, being FELV+ is a death sentence for most cats. 

SNICKER: Do you miss the other cats you were with? How many of you were there? 

JAGER: Well, there were 87 of us. Of course I miss them. We were a family. I know it was for the best that we were all placed or put to sleep though.

SNICKER: For the best?

JAGER: Yes, being in a situation like that is horrible. Lack of medical care, food and water, even a nice place to sleep is all too common. It's no way to live.

JAGER: I also believe that humans should be spaying and neutering their animals. Especially the dogs and cats. 

SNICKER: Why's that?

JAGER: Well, in seven years, an unspayed female and unneutered male cat can produce up to 370,000  kittens. Homes cannot be found for most of these animals and many either end up in shelters or on the street. Only a lucky few are adopted; the rest are either euthanized or die from trauma, exposure, starvation or disease. By spaying or neutering your cat, you do your part to prevent this tragedy. I'm a very big advocate of spaying and neutering. I just hate to see cats without homes! For more information about why you should have your animals fixed, check out this website:

SNICKER: WOW! 370,000 ?!!? That's a lot of babies! If I wasn't already fixed, I think I'd be begging to get fixed! Can you imagine the child support involved with that many babies? Jeez! 

JAGER: Yeah, that's a lot of kitty litter! Ha ha ha! 

SNICKER: Well, I've definitely learnt a lot talking to you!

JAGER: Ha ha, thanks. 

SNICKER: So, tell me, you ended up at the vet hospital that Ms. Diane works at in Florida, right?

JAGER: Oh yes, I love Diane! She's such a great woman. You can always tell whose an animal person. Diane is DEFINITELY an animal person. She's very kind and I could tell that she was there to help me and give me the best medical care possible. 

SNICKER: Yes, she truly is a great woman. 

JAGER: I remember the day Joan and Jim picked me up to bring me to BCR. I could feel the sadness on Diane before they got there. I wanted to tell her everything would be okay, but you know how humans are, they still haven't figured out how to listen to us. I do miss her. 

SNICKER: Well, I did hear a rumor recently that she might be up here for a visit in July!

JAGER: WHAT?!!? Really?!? I sure hope so. It would be so great to see her again. I just want to let her know I'm doing well! Who knows where I'd be if it wasn't for that angel.

SNICKER: Well, I sure hope she comes for a visit then! So, tell me, what do you think of Blind Cat Rescue?

JAGER: I love it here! I always have yummy food. My litter boxes are scooped like a bunch of times a day, so it doesn't stink! Which I am sooooo grateful for! I hate the stinky smell where I used to live. They clean all the linens and wipe down the walls and everything, EVERYDAY! You wouldn't believe that cats even lived here! There are tons of toys for me to play with and really nice ladies that like to play with us. I believe the more the merrier though, so, if you'd like to volunteer and come play with us and help out, I'd love it! If you would like to volunteer, please, check out this link:

SNICKER: Yes, we love when people come to play with us! Also, if you can't volunteer, there are other things you can do like sponsoring a cat! If you'd like to see the other ways that you can help out, check out this link:

JAGER: Well, Ms. Diane, if you're reading this, I really hope that you come for a visit. I would love to see you again. I would also like to say thank you to Joan and Jim for transporting myself, Smudge, and Baron to this lovely place. You are great people and you both have a special place in my heart. I also hope that you both come back to visit soon. Smudge was just talking about how much he misses you two. 

SNICKER: Okay everyone, we have to wrap this up! Thank you so much for the information you've given me today! I'll be sure to tell everyone to spay and neuter their pets. Thank you for taking the time to come visit with us. I hope you continue to have such a bright outlook on life and have a great life here. 

JAGER: Thanks Snicker. Goodbye everyone! I hope to see all of you very soon!

Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer