Friday, January 17, 2014


Good morning!   32 degrees this morning,  supposed to make it into the 50's.... but tomorrow our high is in the 30's  brrrrr


What a stressful day yesterday was.  As you know,  Rayne took a turn for the worse and the sad decision was made to send her back to her maker.  She gave me a kiss and a head bonk and I held her.  She was a super sweet gentle lady who had been with us from the early days.

Goodbye Sweet girl!  You touched our hearts and we will always remember you!


As you know we are going to be doing cancer treatment on Autumn.  

Autumn Open house 1/11/2014
I have received some very negative comments from some on Facebook.   
So let me explain again the what and why :)

Autumn just turned 3 years old.  She is FELV NEGATIVE,  she has nasal cancer.  If the cancer is localized and has not spread,  she has a very good chance of a cure.   Right now we have no reason to think that it has spread, but a sonogram will be done on Monday of her abdominal areas.    We are not doing holistic herbs etc because there is no proof that it will give her the help she needs.  We are going to go with conventional treatment of radiation.  She will also get chemo is it has spread.  The treatment will cost $7-8,000.  That does NOT include the $2,000 we spent on her cat scan etc to find the cancer.

The doctors that will be taken care of her are in Raleigh and are considered some of the best animal oncologist in the state.   We are so blessed to have a supporter like Bill.  She will be staying with Barebaron for the next 3 weeks and he will be taking her every day for her treatment.   (He lives approx 15 minutes away)   Maybe we can get him to Skype in with her occasionally so we can see how she is doing.

We have raised $5891. of the money we need for her treatment.  If you would like to donate you can find the link on her page    

I can not find the words that feel adequate to tell you how grateful I am to everyone for their amazing generosity!  Your kindness has kept me in tears :)  (good tears)

Shelter Challenge

Please remember to vote today,  Last night we were still in first place by a hair.

if you need directions on how to vote you can find step by step directions at


It was a fun night with the crazy kitties :)   We are so blessed to have so many wonderful supporters!!

Thank you Sonia Mannan Solomon for the 5 cases of food!
Thank you Kimber Crosswhite for the food!
Thank you Linda for the food!
Thank you Jackie Wylie for the food!
Thank you Erik Daly for the dishwashing soap!
Thank you Susan McRaney for the toilet bowl cleaner!
Thank you Deborah Taylor-Hough for the scratch and rests & Trash bags!
Thank you unnamed for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Emily Parrish for the scratch & rest, food, bowls & toys!
Thank you Foamex Company for all the food!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Nancy Benson Carroll for the bowls!
Thank you unnamed for the turbo scratcher!

We will be doing boxes tonight (Friday) & tomorrow  (Saturday)   Hope you join us for tours at noon, 3 pm & 10 pm EST  Chat at 6 pm and boxes at 6:30 pm  LIVE on

Thank you for watching!!