Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Good morning,   since I start with the weather,  unless you all don't like it, I will give the weather :)
Above freezing this morning,  temps supposed to be in the high 50's today  :)   The cats will enjoy their patios being opened today....  bad cold snap supposed to arrive during the night so will close the patio's this evening.

Busy morning,  took  Hermes,  Willow, Shelly & Rayne to the vet this morning.   Rayne is having some leg issues,  not sure what is going on with that.  They are doing x-rays and chiropractic adjustments on her.  The others are getting their yearly check ups.  That includes blood, fecals and urine.  I can expect to see a bill of $1200 by the time we are done...  I will go back this afternoon to pick everyone up when they are done.

Have you voted yet today?  Have heard others are having issues with the site this morning.  I was able to vote at 5:30 AM.    We are in first place by a hair.  Please share share share ;)

Here is the link:      if you have never signed up and voted,  we made instructions that can be found at:

Thank you everyone for all the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

and our Walmart Wish list       click on Wish lists    first name: blind      Last name:  shelter

Thank you Robert Metcalf for the magic Eraser!
Thank you Catrin Maier for the shark steamer!
Thank you Mark McDonald for the Freshsteps!
Thank you Jackie Wylie for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Becky Taylor for the Turbo scratcher!
Thank you Linda Swoboda for the pet bed!
Thank you Deborah Taylor-Hough for the food!
Thank you Susan Begent for the food!
Thank you Janice Smith-Doolin for the cuddly cave!
Thank you Anuschka Smeekes for the catnip!
Thank you unnamed for the Tiki Chicken Consomme  (this is one of the cats favorite!)
Thank you Misty Russell  for all the foods!
Thank you to the several unnamed people for all the foods and turbo scratcher!
Thank you Dawn Liphard for all the bowls!
Thank you Pamela in remembrance of Lola Tracy for the food!
Thank you Linda Swoboda for all the foods!
Thank you Andrea Dow for the scratch and rest, bowls and toy!

Abbey is making sure I did not miss anything in the bottom of the boxes.

Meet Garfield!   Garfield is our newest member of the FELV+ room.  Super nice fellow.
You can see him live on Ustream on Monday's.    You may sponsor him on his page

No boxes tonight,  I am going to take the night off after all the chores are done and watch The Butler and eat popcorn.  See you for boxes on Thursday :)