Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Good morning!  Now I know the weather man has lost his mind!   It was 68 yesterday,  beautiful day!
29 right now,  supposed to start snowing after noon...they are predicting 4-8 inches.  GROAN.
People in the south do not know how to drive in 1 inch of snow let alone 4-8 inches.   And I am helping my daughter move today.  We are going to try to get the big stuff out before the snow starts and finish on Thursday.     There was a funny article in our local paper about snow and Fayetteville

Have you ever tried to move hay with lots of snow on the ground?  An old fashion sled works real good.  Yes I could give the hay to them today in advance  except they would eat it all and I would still have to give them more tomorrow.

the horses,  taken during the summer.  The pasture has no grass right now

donkeys taken during the summer.  Pasture has nothing green right now

Please remember to vote today :)

Here is the link:

Box opening was fun,  Waffle really likes the feather toy!
I hope the video works!

Thank you for all the gifts from our wish lists!

Thank you Lryna Chyzhova for the 10 fel-o-vaccines!
Thank you Leona Tonietti for the cat litter!
Thank you Diane Shoemaker for the cases of cat food!
Thank you Alyssa Alexander for the trash bags, gain, toy & food!
Thank you Melinda Simon for the ear cleaner!
Thank you K J Heidebrecht for the food, scratch and rests, trashbags and crystal litter!
Thank you Jackie Pelegrin for the scratch and rest & food!
Thank you to the kind unnamed people for the 33 ear tip cleaners,
cases of food and bottles of gain softener!  They didn't tell us who you are but please
 know how grateful we are to you for all of your kindness!

We will be opening boxes tonight  :)