Thursday, January 23, 2014


Good morning,  BRRRRR 19 degrees this morning   (I know, for you in the north that is a heat wave but our normal is much warmer LOL)  Supposed to make it to 38 today...  It will stay below freezing all day tomorrow.

We had no boxes last night,  I had the night off and watched Love Boat for a few hours on Youtube.  :)
Really makes me want to take a cruise :)

Everyone came home from the vet yesterday afternoon.  Noah & Liza's blood work is back,  normal.  Waiting on the rest to come in.

Bill is going to bring Autumn home Saturday morning so she will be in her room for most of the day.  She will go back to Raleigh Sunday to get ready for her second week of radiation.  She is doing well with the treatments so far.

Did you see the news that The Captain & Tennille are filing for divorce after 39 years together?  That is so sad for them.

Does anyone know much about working with tumbler,  stumbleupon, or 2nd life?  I need someone that has some time that can work with one of these social medias for us.  If you can,  please email me

We WILL have boxes tonight,  chat at 6 & boxes at 6:30 pm EST
We WILL also have boxes  Friday,  Saturday & Monday  so you can mark your calendars :)

Saw a scary post today that said 50% of all robberies have smart phones involved!  What on earth is this world coming to?

Please remember to vote :)

Here is the link:

Tours today at Noon,  3pm & 10 pm EST

Hope everyone stays warm and safe :)