Thursday, January 16, 2014


Good morning,  cold and yucky outside...but not snowing,  that is a good thing :)

I watched The Butler last night.  Enjoyed it.  Was interesting to look at the 60's and civil rights movement from the people who lived through it.   I will admit as a child I never saw the black/white separation.  Who ever did the casting I think made a mistake putting Oprah in it.  Nothing against Oprah, I just did not feel she was convincing as the character that she played.   The movie made me think. If you get a chance to watch it, let me know what you thought.

Rayne has something wrong with her front leg.  She is unable to stand on her left leg and tucks it up under her.  She does not behave as she is in pain.  The x-rays showed nothing.  She also had a chiropractic adjustment,  her spine was very out of line.  The vet feels that it might have been a pinched nerve or a soft tissue injury.  We don't know if she twisted it jumping down from something.  She is home on anti-inflammatory and pain meds.  We will reassess on Monday.

Finally talked to the oncologist about Autumn.  

Autumn ask will you please help save her life!

We are going to go with Radiation and if it has spread chemo.  Autumn is barely 3 years old,  she should have a chance of a long life.  The vet oncologist said if the cancer has stayed localized,  we have a good chance of giving her many years.  Cats do not have the side effects that humans do.  The treatment is Monday-Friday for 14 treatments.  Barebaron is going to take her to stay at his house and take her every day for her treatments in Raleigh.   We are so bless to have Bill as a supporter!!

Rarely do we ever ask for cash donations but  The cost is approx $7-8,000    Will you help us save her life by donating to her cancer fund?   Here is the link:

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