Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Good morning!  24 degrees (F) this morning.   Our weather man had predicted snow, ice, frogs, pestilence last night...  a total non-event for us.  I understand 100 miles to the north of us did get yucky weather.  It is sunny and clear this morning,  just have a cold front sitting on us.  You will notice the patio's stay closed today.

Autumn Skyped in with us for a few minutes last night during boxes.  She is handling the treatments ok but you can tell she is ready to come home.  Bill is going to bring her home for the weekend for a visit unless the doctors do not feel it is a good idea.


Boxes were fun last night,  lots of cute beds!   You may find our wish lists at

Please know that we are not given any contact information so we are unable to personally thank you for your gifts!  Often they do not even tell us who sent them,  but we are so grateful to each of your for your kindness and generosity!!

Thank you so much Karen Hart for the adorable lobster bed & toys made by    This is a small group that makes craft items to support a cat sanctuary in Indonesia.   As you can see by the picture,  the toys and bed were 100% endorsed by Abbey.  I hope you will check them out,  I donated,  I hope you will too,  they could use some help.

Thank you Corinne Pierson, Birghid, John & Spike, Beaux, Baloo, Bast & Dexter for the dish soap, freshstep & trash bags!
Thank you Teresa Fifer,  for the throw and foods!
Thank you Danny Cook for the scratch & rest!
Thank you  ( Danke) Joery Bauer for the food!
Thank you Lorna Stevmarie for the dishsoap & 2 cases of food!
Thank you Melinda Simon for the ear cleaning solution!
Thank you Jeannie McCrary for the bounce and food!
Thank you Sharon El-Saadi for the blankets, cat toys and pads for the guest house!
Thank you Dorothy Fish for the bed comforter for the guest house!
Thank you unnamed for the cute shark bed!  Popcorn likes it!

Thank you unnamed  for all the foods!!  They didn't tell us who you are but the cats appreciate your kindness!!

Journey is still at the vet... should have her blood work today and will be coming home today.
Joey, Noah, Liza & Taffey went to the vet today for their check ups.  Hermes went for a dental.  Everyone will be home this afternoon.

No boxes tonight  BUT there will be boxes on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  We hope you will join us.

Don't forget tour today live on  at noon,  & 3 pm  EST

Don't forget to vote!  


Hope everyone stays warm and safe!