Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snickers Exclusive with Smudge!

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! Snicker here again with a wonderful interview that I'm sure all of you are going to enjoy!

As many of you may have heard recently, we have three new kitties here at BCR. Today, we'll be doing an interview with the youngest kitty, Smudge! So, Smudge, tell the wonderful people who read this blog, where did you come from?

SMUDGE: RAWR! I'm playing like a lion today Snicker, would you like to be a lion with me? No wait, you can be a tiger, I want to be the lion.

SNICKER: Uhh, ok. rawr.

SMUDGE: That was pitiful! Roar!!! Oh look, a butterfly! Snicker, let's chase it!

SNICKER: Focus small kitten! I will be more than willing to play with you, but lets answer some questions first. Can we do that?

SMUDGE: Fine... This is no fun. I want to be playing with my friends...

SNICKER: I promise this won't take long. So, tell me, where did you come from.

SMUDGE: Well, when a mommy cat loves a daddy cat...

SNICKER: Woah! Woah! Woah! Stop right there little guy! That is definitely not what I meant. Our viewers don't want a lesson on the birds and the bees.

SMUDGE: I was talking about mommys and daddys, not birds and bees! I don't like birds. They squawk too much! Chirp chirp chripity chirp chirp! 

SNICKER: Ok, lets focus. You came up here with Jim and Joan right? How did you get to be with them?

Jim & Joan

SMUDGE: Oh, you mean the super nice hoomans? They were so nice! The pretty lady loves me! She's such a good cuddler! She picked me up at the vet place, along with Baron and Jager.

SNICKER: So, how did you end up at the vet place? 

SMUDGE: Someone found me! They got me healthy and took me to the vet place so I could hitch a ride to Blind Cat Rescue!

SNICKER: Well that's great! We're all so glad that you're here. What's you favorite thing about Blind Cat Rescue?

SMUDGE: Oh my gosh! Do I have to pick just one thing? I love everything here. Oh man, oh man, oh man! I get so excited when I think about it! Have you tried the food here? It's fantastic! Have you seen all the crazy cool toys we get to play with! I LOVE to play and eat! Those are like my two most favorite things in the whole wide world!

SNICKER: Oh yeah, I know what you mean. The food here is divine!

SMUDGE: Tell your viewers about that cool Amazon wishlist! You know, where people can go and order us food and toys and stuff.

SNICKER: You pretty much just told them yourself! I'll give them the website!

SMUDGE: Yay! Thanks Snicker!

SNICKER: So, why do they call you Smudge?

SMUDGE: I have a cute little smudge on the top of my head, or at least that's what they tell me!

See Smudge on top of head

SNICKER: Do you want to go play lions and tigers now? I know how much you've been wanting to play!

SMUDGE: Yes! I'm the lion though, don't forget!

SNICKER: Okay, okay, you can be the lion. Okay everyone, me and the kid here are going to go play. I hope you enjoyed our interview and we'll talk to you again soon! Okay Smudge, we're wild cats, on the plains of Africa! Let's play!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Open House June 22-2013

Open House is a very special day every month where people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, come to visit all of us cats! Every month people drive from long distances just to experience how awesome we are! We have anywhere from 20 to 30 people show up every month.

I thought it would be a good idea to ask a couple humans and kitties their opinions about Blind Cat Rescue!
The first person I spoke to was Bill! He spent a lot of great quality time cuddling with me and all the kitties, so I asked him what he thought of BCR.

Bill & Snicker

"One word - LOVE"

I thought it was perfect that he said that, because here at BCR I do feel loved and at Open House I feel quadruple loved! Especially when Bill is cuddling with me.

I talk to Jill and she told me why she absolutely loves BCR. She had so many great things to say, I videotaped it instead of trying to write it down!

Isn't she so nice. She made these wonderful catnip pouches! We love them! I saw Simon going crazy for them! Jill is so great at making stuff for us! She even brought us a cool kitty cube! I definitely remember seeing Candy laying inside and Autumn laying on top of it. I think it's definitely got a great cat approval rating!

Candy in the cool cube

Catnip toys Jill made

Paul was telling me what a wonderful time he had!  He said tons of people came to see him and the other kitties in his room. Paul loves the Open Houses every month. He gets to cuddle with the humans and that just so happens to be one of his favorite things in the whole wide world. "I love Open House, all the young whipper snappers and the older humans get together to come visit. It's a beautiful sight to behold," said Paul.

I found another human, Ryan, who told me what he thought of Blind Cat Rescue. "This is a wonderful place. I love seeing all the lovely cats. BCR is great because without it these cats probably would have never had the chance to live such a wonderful life. I love Blind Cat Rescue!".
I saw Ryan loving on all the cats during Open House, but especially Queen Hope. Ryan says about Queen Hope, "I feel in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her. She's beautiful and such a loving cat. She's one of my favorites!".

Scotty and Greta told me about all of the loving they received on Open House. "Everyone knows that we love humans, so obviously any day that has a bunch of humans here to love on us, will be our favorite day ever! Bunches of people let us hug and cuddle them! It was wonderful!!!".

Greta & Lori
Scotty and Glen
 In an effort to cool off for the summer and make wonderful donations for Blind Cat Rescue, our mom, Alana, had her head shaved! It was so cool! Everyone was laughing and having a great time!

All in all, Open House was spectacular! Everyone had a fantastic time!
 I can't wait for out next Open House! We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snicker questions Candy about upcoming surgery

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! I'm back with an all new exclusive interview with none other than the sweetheart of BCR, Candy! We've heard she's having an upcoming surgery and we wanted to ask her all about it, as well as her life here at BCR! Thanks so much for agreeing to be here Candy!

CANDY: What? Sorry, I can't hear you very well, if you could speak up I'd really appreciate it!

SNICKER: I was just saying.........

CANDY: A little louder please.


CANDY: Well jeez louise snicker, you don't have to scream at me... Doesn't seem to me like you're happy to see me at all. 

SNICKER: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, I just wanted you to be able to hear me.

CANDY: Well, this volume works perfectly. 

SNICKER: Great. So, I've heard you're having surgery soon. What's going on?

CANDY: Well, I know I have an ear problem. The beautiful ladies are always cleaning my ears out and finding gooey yucky stuff. Momma took me to the vet again and they said I have a... pup...

SNICKER:  You have a dog in your ear?  Can you hear it barking??

CANDY:  Oh my gosh, a DOG!!!!

SNICKER:  How can you have a dog in your ear?  Are you sure it is a pup and not a polyp?

CANDY: Is that the thing that Popcorn had?  I will google it:


CANDY: Then yes, that's what it is. 

SNICKER: Oh. So are you nervous about having a surgery?

CANDY: Should I be?.......... I don't even know what a surgery is. 

SNICKER: Well,...........I am not sure if I should tell you because I don't want to scare you.  But they are going to make an incision, or cut, and remove your polyp.


SNICKER: Don't worry Candy. It's nothing too serious. It's to help you.

CANDY: Says the guy who isn't undergoing an operation!

SNICKER: That's true.  :)    I hear mom found an amazing specialist that did Popcorn's surgery.

CANDY: Popcorn still had that weird head tilt... Will I be like that?

SNICKER: Probably at first. Anytime you mess with the ears it can throw off your balance.

CANDY: I don't know... Sounds scary. 

SNICKER: I don't think you have anything to be worried about. I hear the specialist is great, and apparently, according to mom very attractive.

Dr. Trumpatori

CANDY: Oh really?


CANDY: Keep talking, you're starting to make this sound better. 

SNICKER: Well, there is always a down side... You might not be able to hear. It's always a possibility with this type of surgery I've heard.

CANDY: ................................................................................ Hmmm.... Well, I don't think that sounds all that bad. If I were to lose my hearing, I wouldn't have to listen to Autumn sing. She's such a horrible singer!

SNICKER: Yeah, I've heard her. It's pitiful!

CANDY: I know! Hearing loss might be a blessing in disguise.

SNICKER: So how much is this surgery going to cost? 

CANDY: Well, mom says around $3,500, or in kitty terms 137 cases of my favorite kitty food, or 593 of my favorite kitty toys!
A whole bunch of cans

SNICKER: Wow! That's a lot of food!

CANDY: Yeah, I don't know much about money, but when we start talking kitty food and toys it all starts to make sense. This surgery isn't cheap!

SNICKER: Well, I'm sure we have people out there who would love to donate towards your surgery or towards something on the wishlist, maybe you should give them that information!

CANDY: If you'd like to donate,  you can donate here:

Cash for Candy:

 If you'd like to help lighten the load and want to send us kitties something special, you can always go to our Amazon wishlist and pick us out something delightful!

SNICKER: Great! So, tell us how you came to be here at BCR.

CANDY: Well, I honestly don't remember much before getting here. I was pretty young. I think mom said I came from Charlotte animal control. 

SNICKER: We're all glad you're here. How do you like it here?

CANDY: I love it. I just love people. I love knowing that I have the ability to crawl onto someones lap and calm them almost immediately. It's like a super power I have. 

SNICKER: I've heard you could do that! So the rumors are true! Maybe you do have some sort of mystical calming powers. 

CANDY: Haha maybe.

SNICKER: It's about time for me to wrap this interview up. I really enjoyed having you on the show today. I wish you much luck with your upcoming surgery and you'll definitely be in my thoughts. Is there anything you'd like to say to your adoring fans.

CANDY: Thank you all so much for being so amazing. I love the fact that so many people love me. So much love going around can only create a better world. I love you all.

Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Queen Hope

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! Welcome back! Today we'll be interviewing Queen Hope! I hope you're excited, I know I am. So, before we get started, can I call you Hope?

HOPE: Very well, sonny. 

SNICKER: Great. So, Hope, I hear you are the oldest cat here at Blind Cat Rescue, how old are you?

HOPE: I'm as old as a fart on a lizards bottom in December.

SNICKER: .... Uhhhh.... Ok... I heard around 20 years old, is that about correct?

HOPE: As sure as a caterpillar turns into a cocoon.

SNICKER: LOL you sure are funny Hope.

HOPE: Now listen here sonny. I don't know nothing about all that l.o.l. stuff, but I don't want nothing to do with it. You aren't making any sense when you talk to me like that. Now sit up straight and mind your elders and I might just finish your silly little interview  for you internet thing. Personally I don't understand that internet stuff either...

SNICKER: I'm sorry Hope. I didn't mean to offend you.

HOPE: No worries sonny, lets continue with the interview. 

SNICKER: Have you ever met anyone famous?

HOPE: Well, when I was a young cat, I met a dashing young tom cat. He was very dapper and dazzling. I fell in love with him. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. He had a very serious addiction and I wanted no part in it. I've seen what lasagna can do to families. 

SNICKER: Lasgana? Wait, are you saying you were in love with the infamous Garfield?

HOPE: Yes, that was his name. He was very handsome back in our day.

SNICKER: Wow! So, how do you like Blind Cat Rescue?

HOPE: What? You're going to have to speak up. I can barely hear you.

SNICKER: How do you like BCR?

HOPE: I've never owned a VCR.


HOPE: DVR? What's a DVR?

SNICKER: Blind Cat Rescue. Do you like it here?

HOPE: Oh, why didn't you ask in the first place? Yes, I love it. Alana is such a doll and takes care of me so well. I get along really well with the other cats. Did you know I came to BCR because my previous owners dumped me at a pound?!!? I mean really! What nerve! I was 18 years old! People can be so heartless. Of course these are the same types of people who would drop their elderly parents off in a park or something. Psshh. People now a days have no respect for the elderly! We are important! We are history! Young people could learn so much from us if they just sat down and took the time to listen! Oh, but yes, I love it here at BCR. I'm well taken care of and deeply loved by many. I get the respect I deserve. It's about time if you ask me! I should have gotten here sooner!

SNICKER: Well I'm glad everything worked out so well for you. Is there anything that you think the younger generation should know?

HOPE: I believe there is a lot the younger generation should know!    I think the most important is to respect the elderly. Whether it be your grandma or your cat, or any species in between, we all deserve respect and love. Just because we are old does not make us any less valuable. In fact, it should make us more valuable. We know things, we've been through things and we've been there for you. Don't forget to love. 

SNICKER: That was beautiful!

HOPE: Of course it was, I said it didn't I?

SNICKER: Yes, yes ma'am. So, what do you like to do in your free time?

HOPE: I'm a napper. I love to nap. I also love to sing. You can often hear me singing during tours. My voice isn't what it used to be, but it's still beautiful. There are these fantastic beds that I love to sleep in! Very comfortable.

We have them on our Amazon Wishlist if you'd like to check them out. 

SNICKER: Wow, napping all the time sounds delightful! Is there anything else you'd like to say to the viewers?

HOPE: Nah. I think it's about my nap time. I would like to say hello and send out a special I love you to ALL if my amazing fans. You're all fantastic. I just love people who love an old cat like myself. 

SNICKER: Well, there you have it folks. Our exclusive interview with Queen Hope!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Wheel. The Bird. The Cats.

Hey there everyone! Snicker here! I've decided to interview a few of those crazy kitties in room 4! Sandy, Pixie, and Mickey! This ought to be a very interesting interview!

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.

PIXIE: Of course, we love you!

SNICKER: So, Pixie, tell me about the wheel. You're on it all the time!

PIXIE: Well, at first it started with me having low self esteem. I thought I was a little bit overweight. I mean, when you have a cat that looks like Autumn walking around, you strive to be the best cat you can be.

SNICKER: So you run all the time because you wanted to get fit?


SANDY: I know I'm a guy and this won't matter to her, but I thought she was always beautiful, even before she started running on the wheel.

SNICKER: Aww, well that's such a nice thing to say! I'm sure Ms. Pixie appreciates that.

PIXIE: Oh yes, I definitely like hearing stuff like that!

SNICKER: So, I guess a question everyone is dying to know the answer to is, are you two an item?

SANDY: We are best friends!

PIXIE: Yes, definitely best friends! He's just so awesome!

SNICKER: Well, that's great! So tell me about the wheel.

SANDY: Well, the wheel is amazing for cats who like to keep a nice trim figure. I do slight jogging and walking, but Pixie goes all out. She's all about sprinting! She's super fit.

PIXIE: Yeah, I like to sprint! The wheel is great, but you have to have the motivation to actually want to run on it. Mom bought it for us. We have about 88 cats that live here at Blind Cat Rescue and only about 6 of us use the wheel. That wheel runs about $400 dollars. So, if you are considering getting a wheel, make sure you are really motivated!

SANDY: I hear that Zoe in room 1 uses the wheel nonstop. I know she has some sort of heart defect. We've all heard that cardio helps make the heart strong, personally, I believe that's why she's still with us!

SNICKER: Wow! Maybe I need to get a wheel! So, how often do you guys like to run on the wheel?

PIXIE: As often as possible. We also like to both get on the wheel and then go in separate directions. It gives us resistance and makes for a much better workout!


SNICKER: So, when you first got on the wheel, did you realize it was a wheel, or did you think you were actually running towards something.

SANDY: I definitely knew it was a wheel. Pixie on the other hand thought she was chasing Emily! It was so funny! She was so surprised when she figured out is was a wheel!

PIXIE: He's joking, I totally knew it was a wheel the whole time.

SANDY: No, you didn't.

PIXIE: Yes, I did.

SNICKER: Ha ha ok, well lets change the subject, shall we? Mickey, you've been awfully quiet, do you ever get on the wheel?

MICKEY: Nope. I spend most of my time running around the room, chasing bugs, birds, and waiting for the door to open so I can run out and play with the people!

SNICKER: Wait, you chase birds? How the heck did you chase a bird?

MICKEY: Yep, I chase birds. Not very often... Not many like to come out onto the catio, but when they do, I'm there waiting!

PIXIE: He's serious! He loves to chase things! You should have seen the bird he caught today!

SNICKER: You caught a bird today?!!?


SNICKER: I don't mean to sound... insensitive, but you're blind, how do you catch a bird?

MICKEY: I have spectacular hearing! Not having eyesight has just made my other senses even keener! It's not often that a bird will fly onto the catio. Let's face it, the birds can see. If they fly onto the catio and see all of us out there, there might be something wrong with that birds brain! Ha Ha Ha, get it? Bird brain?

SNICKER/PIXIE/SANDY: Hahahahahahahaha

MICKEY: Yeah, I'm funny. Anyway, a bird decided to come onto the catio today. Let's face it. I'm a CAT! Humans make toys with feathers on them for a reason!

SNICKER: Well, you are definitely a cat! No doubts about that! Well everyone, it's about time for me to wrap this interview up! Thank you Pixie, Sandy, and Mickey for taking the time out of your day to speak with me!


Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I love everything! by Boone

I absolutely love box opening. I love Jennifer and Alana. I love boxes and crinkle paper. I love to be on camera. I love to sit in their laps and be lovingly petted. I love to be brushed and have my nails clipped. In all actuality, I must say, I love everything. Life is perfect. I'm always happy. I have beautiful kitties all around me, a full belly all the time, and as much love as any cat could ask for. I'm not much of a complainer. In fact, I never complain. I'm just always that happy!

Oh, my name is Boone by the way. You may have seen me on Ustream. Jennifer does awesome tours at night. She says I'm very handsome and gets the camera close to my face to show everyone how handsome I am. She's so nice.

I was writing to tell you all how much I love box opening! I love it! I love to see the boxes piled high because that means people really love us! People are so nice! I can tell it makes Jennifer and my momma happy too, which makes me even happier to see them happy.

Thank you kind person that sent the litter!  They didn't tell us who you are!
we us 60 boxes of Fresh step every Month!

Thank you kind person that sent the food, Amazon did not tell us who you are!
We use 400 pounds of dry food every month

Thank you Karin for the food!  We use approx 100 cases per month of wet food
Today we got all sorts of things! Lots of food and kitty litter. Mom says those things are really important! I would have to agree! I love my food! I also like kitty litter. The Fresh Step is great. If I were to compare it to you humans toilet paper, I would say it's like that really nice Charmin instead of the cheap 1 ply toilet paper. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, remember, I'm a cat, I don't always make sense. 

Thank you kind person,  Amazon didn't tell us who you are!
These fountains help encourage the cats to drink more
water and that helps prevent urinary stones/crystals

We got a cool fountain today as well! I love drinking out of the fountain. It makes me feel like a king. Only truly special kitties get to drink out of fountains and I happen to be one of them!

We got cool toys and treats too! I love toys and treats!

Did you know that Jennifer is awesome at this editing thing? She translates for us and writes it down! If we wrote this out ourselves, you humans wouldn't really be able to understand it. For example, dhsfklsdhffffffffffffffkdsjfsdfsf dsfsdkfhsjddddddddddddddfhsldfhsdkjhfjsdhfjdshfksdjhfoiwoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee99999999999dsfffffff, that means I love you in my written language! Jennifer translates that! 

Oh sorry, I get off track pretty easily. It's probably because I love everything! If you would like to send us something that'll we absolutely love, you can go to our Amazon wishlist!

Here is the link:

Here is the video of box opening if you would like to see it

Bye everyone! I love you. Or as they say in my language sdkfjskdldddddddddddfkkkkkkkkkkkkkfjjjalkdfsnslkdjflksdsdndflknsdlkfjsjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj!!!!

Written by Boone
Edited by Jennifer

Friday, June 14, 2013

Riley Takes A Swim

Hello everyone! Riley here and I've taken over for Snicker today! I've got a great entry for you though, so don't worry.

So, as some of you may know, I went swimming today! I can't actually say it's something I'm overly fond of, but I do realize that I've packed on the pounds over the years and swimming is a great way to drop the weight. Now, I hate water just as much as the next cat, but I have to say, I think some of you are being super dramatic!

This is the video of me swimming,   aren't I cute?

Virginia was also put in the pool today. She was in for maybe 2 minutes!!! I was in for like 15! I'm way chunkier than her!!! Anyways, Virginia "pussed in boots out". She wasn't having any of it. Such a DIVA if you ask me. I'll tell you what though... She wasn't nearly as bad as Mack!

Like, for real? Mack was watching me swim the entire time! All wide eyed and silly looking. He walked right up to the pool like he wanted to hop in. When momma tried to get him in he had a hissy fit! Literally!!! He acted like he was being dropped into a cauldron of lava! It was quite hysterical! It looked like his eye balls were going to pop out of his head!

I must say, I did the best today! I didn't throw a hissy fit and become a diva and I got a great little workout in. Before you know it I'll be looking like Emily and Autumn and healthy! I can't wait!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!! Mom hopped in the pool with me and she knocked out a bunch of my water! She is so silly. I love her because she's a really good personal trainer and I definitely need it!

Well, that was my day, and I'm super tired. I'm headed to bed. I'll talk you all tomorrow! Goodnight everyone!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thank you to our recent visitors :)

Snicker says the cats love visitors....  He wants to thank the ones below that came and visited in the last couple days.

Don't I have a big smile?  Snicker & Marian

Marian with her sponsor kitty Mack

Marian with a lap full

Liz, Lilly & Grandson

Larry with a mob and grandson

Larry being tagged team by Chester & Felix 

Ashley & Brian

Ashley & Brian just got married!  Congratulations!!!