Friday, January 24, 2014


Good morning,  super chilly this morning.  temp is 19 and supposed to stay below freezing all day.  This is very abnormal for us!

Autumn is doing well with her treatments.  She will be home Saturday morning for a visit and go back on Sunday to Raleigh for her next week of treatments.

Boone ask,  Have you voted today??
Shelter challenge is back and the Blind cats hope you will help them win $5,000 That will pay a months worth of vet bills!! Vote every day are step by step directions to vote at they did not make it real easy to figure out. Please share! Thank you for helping!


This love bug is Felix.  He is a sweet old fellow that never turns
down the opportunity for a lap.  He has a long story of 
how he came to us.  You may read it here:


Boxes was fun with the crazy kittens!

Thank you to everyone for all the gifts from our wishlists!
We deeply appreciate your generosity!!  Your gifts mean so much to the cats!!

Sadly Amazon often does not tell us your names  :(    and they never give us your contact information so we are not able to personally contact you to say thank you,  but please know that we are very grateful to you for your kindness!

Thank you Carey Zigouras for the freshstep!
Thank you  Karin Burns for the bowls!
Thank you Eve Martinez & Lisa for the toys, scratch & rest  & food!
Thank you nancy Phillips for the crystal litter!

Thank you unnamed for the cute shark bed!
Thank you Jill Sparapany for the great floor mat!
Thank you to the unnamed people that sent cases of canned food!

I can tell you in advance,  We WILL be doing boxes tonight, Saturday, Monday & Tuesday.  Hope you drop in and join us!


Scratch & Rest

This is an absolute favorite of the cats

  • Sturdy frame supports kitty
  • Corrugated "bowl" is a great space for resting or scratching
  • Scratching helps keep claws strong and in good health
  • Includes catnip for added fun
  • 15-1/4-Inch diameter by 4-inch height

Bad side to this product is the legs do not stay on very well so it breaks easily.Be careful sprinkling catnip on it  (there is a small package taped to the bottom)  it falls all over your floor.
It is on sale right now at Amazon.  Your cats will enjoy it!

Please tell me,  what do you all want me to write about?    I will be honest,  writing is very painful to me, so I need ideas!!