Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All About Autumn

All About Autumn

Autumn arrived at BCR in September 2011. She was between four and six weeks old. She was thought to be felv+ but after more testing she came up negative!

Autumn is now around 18 months old!
Autmn is a WILD CHILD! Because she can see, she runs circles around the other cats in the "kitten room". 


Autumn is pictured on the left with her roommate, Richey. She loves to play with other cats more than anything. She can be seen wrestling, and cleaning the other cats her age, including Emily and Lisa. 

She also plays with springs and crinkle balls. I think all cats, blind or not love those!
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Autumn eats both wet and dry food. She is not picky but she does seem to enjoy Merrick's Cowboy Cookout the most! It is always a special treat! 
Autumn's favorite food can also be found on the BCR Amazon Wishlist!
 Most times when she is sleeping you can find Autumn on the top of a climber. She doesn't really sleep in the lower "beds" but she loves to nap in the hideouts on the climbers.  


Autumn likes being groomed but you will find it difficult to brush her since she is so playful and only wants to roll over on her back, wrap her legs around your arm and nibble and lick!!!