Monday, January 27, 2014


Good morning!  Beautiful weather today!  Temp is 45  YEAH,  I can water today with out frozen hoses :)  Temp is supposed to be mid 60's today so you will see sunshine and open patios.   Sorry the blog is late again,  employee called out sick and it put me out in the building all morning cleaning.   We only have 3 staff on Monday's.

The weather man has truly lost his mind.  They are predicting 3 inches of snow tomorrow night!!
My daughter is moving back home this week and we had planned on moving her stuff on Wednesday.  That is going to get pushed up to tomorrow.  Snow is not supposed to start until night time.  Hope I have some employees on Wednesday.

We WILL do boxes tonight :)

Supper bowls house 1  (tilt your head, sorry, don't have a straight shot of them)

Supper bowls house 2

See why we go through 120 cases of wet food and lots of dish soap every month?   (smile)

Today is Barons birthday,  if you happen to see him on chat,  you might want to give him a birthday shout out!

We hope you will vote today!!    and please share.   You have us in first place,  now we have to hold it until March.  The $5,000 first prize will help pay for a months of vet bills!

A HUGE Thank you to all the kind sellers that share a portion of their auctions with the blind cats!!
Your donations are a huge help!!   You can check all the wonderful auctions that help the cats at: