Monday, June 2, 2014


Peggy & Waffle

Peggy and Waffle were rescued by a rescue from a hoarder.  They are both FELV+   The rescue did not have housing or adoption opportunities for them and turned to us for help.   Peggy has 3 legs,  (actually she has a 4th leg, she is missing the bottom half of it)  We thought it was a birth defect until we saw the x-rays.  She is missing her foot from a twisting injury of some kind.  She gets around ok,   the vet feels it is better to leave it alone unless she starts having problems from it.  You will find her walking on the wheel on Monday's on  

Peggy & Waffle when they first arrived

Peggy now

Snuggling together


                                                       A video of Peggy on the wheel

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