Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Keller is an old fellow,  approx 15 years old.  He came to us in 2007 when his owner decided that his dislike of cat hair was more than his desire for the cat's company.  In his defense,  he does sponsor him.

Keller developed hyperthyroid a few years ago and after a few years of medication had the radiation therapy which cured him.   He is a nice fellow who loves humans, likes catnip and sprays like crazy.  
You can watch him on Wednesdays live on

Keller likes catnip

Congratulations Lisa Dunn Waughtal for your winning bid 
of $205 for the special Smudge Painting!!

Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

  Amazon often does not tell us your names,  
they NEVER give us your contact info so we are not able to personally message you.  Please know how grateful we are to your for your kindness!

Thank you Andrea Burke for the petfusion!
Thank you Victor Sosa for the food!
Thank you Sai Yamanoor for the crystal litter!
Thank you Linda Carden for the food!
Thank you Sabrina Chase for the cuddle pets!
Thank you Molly Parke for the petfusion!
Thank you Elizabth Sarratt for the freshsteps and crystal litter!

Pretty Pearl likes the box :)

Thank you Lauretta Kehoe for the freshstep!
Thank you Fred Coates for the freshstep!
Thank you unnamed for the towels, wash clothes and kitten food!
Thank you Glenda Nye for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Jennifer Dublin for the Gain!
Thank you Linda crosissant for the kitten food!

Thank you Kristy Hislop for the blean, clorox clean up, freshstep and Clavamox!
Thank you Kerry O'Malley for the freshsteps!

Bear is more interested in the shoe  :)