Monday, June 9, 2014



Journey is both FELV+ & FIV+.  She is approx. 4 years old.

She came to us as a stray found in Tennessee.   She was very sick 
with an upper respiratory infection,  the people that found her
thought she was both blind and deaf.  (She is neither)  When
she tested FELV+ they felt they could not keep her.

We are blessed with an angel that works for the airlines and has flown
several cats to us.  She will fly from Dallas to where ever the cat
is,  meet the person at the airport and then  fly the cat to
someone meeting her at the other end and then fly back to Dallas.
You got to admit,  she is amazing!!

Journey is a nice cat, but sure doesn't like using the litterbox to poop. 


Journey & Sheila

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!!

We are blown away at your generosity and kindness!!!
Amazon never gives us your contact information so we are unable to
personally message you with our thanks.  Please know how grateful we
are to you for your support!!

Thank you Heather Crossland for the food, q-tips, gain, & sponges!
Thank you Virginia Edmonds for the storag bags, gloves, gain & lysol wipes!
Thank you Christine Johanns for the litter, scratch and rest and lysol!
Thank you Charlene Serna for the catnip toy!
Thank you Mrs. RM Mills for the toys!
Thank you Julie Germany for the hummingbird food!
Thank you Vince Sands for the Giuseppe Cave!
Thank you Miss Tessa Tweedie for the balls!
Thank you Mike Correll for the hummingbird food!
Thank you Diane Galante for the Trixie cat tree!
Thank you Rosana Datti for the Trixie Cat Tree!
Thank you Deborah Thompson for the gain!
Thank you Pamela Statum for the foods, turbo scratcher replacements and toys!
Thank you Connie Gill for the foods!
Thank you Julie Germany for the Trixie Tree & toys!
Thank you Sheryl Harrison for the hand sanitizer!
Thank you kind unnamed people who sent toys, hand sanitizer, & food!

We WILL do boxes tonight live on   Hope you 
tune in at 6 for chat and 6:30 pm EST for boxes :)