Monday, June 30, 2014


Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Amazon never gives us your contact info,  
we are so grateful to you
for your generosity and kindness!!

Julia and Socks

Thank you Joanna Von Ahrens for the treats, food, dishwashing foam, trashbags, & scratcher pads!
Thank you Eileen Magnaye for the catnip toy!
Thank you Kelly Shedlock for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Kelly Shedlock for the food, litter and q-tips!
Thank you Judith for the foods and treats!
Thank you Andrew Robichaux for the freshstep!
Thank you Charlene Dyke for the track toy and scratch and rest!
Thank you unnamed people for the track toys, food, and litter!

Julie & Christina

Thank you Elisa for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Anne Heinrich for the Amazon gift card!
Thank you Nancy for the Amazon gift card!


Liza is one of our original 12 FELV+ cats to come in when we opened the FELV building in 2011.
She and Journey are the only ones left from the originals.   She came to us, with alot of
help from the Animal Control center in Austin Texas.   She was pulled from the pound
by Shadow Cats and boarded at the vets down there (Shadow Cats owner is also a vet)
Our Fly Angel Britta flew from Dallas to pick her up and delivered her to Atlanta.  
One of our board members  (Lisa)  living in Atlanta brought her to us a week later.
She shows it takes a village sometimes to save a cat's life.

Liza is a bit shy,  not fond of most of the humans but gets along good with the other cats.

Chance says Have you voted in the NEW contest ???
Please put Blind Cat Rescue as your shelter choice 
Thank you for helping the cats!!