Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Thank you so much to everyone that helped with our documentary project! 
We are very grateful to all of you for your kindness!!

Thank you to all of our wonderful eBay sellers and buyers that 
share so generously with the blind cats!

You may see the auctions that are being shared with the cats here:

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Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Amazon often does not tell us your names,  often there is not even a packing slip,
they NEVER give us your contact info so we are not able to personally message you.  
Please know how grateful we are to your for your kindness!

Thank you Barbara Robles for the scratch and rest and treats!
Thank you Sarah Roberts for the hummingbird nectar, floor cleaner and Gain!
Thank you Margaret Avaltroni for the food!
Thank you Liza Ellis for the treats, toys, coupon and donation!
Thank you Kelley Wells for the freshstep!

Thank you unnamed for the toys,  all the foods, q-tips, trash bags, play cube!
Thank you Thomas Wood for the batteries, litter and rainbow toy!
Thank you Frost Tnollatta for the vaccines!
Thankyou Crystal McCauley for the freshsteps!
Thank you Cathy Perez for the vaccines!
Thank you Kathlyn Williams for the clavamox!
Thank you Ryan Sullivan for the clorox bleach, freshstep and clorox cleanup!
Thank you Sharon Thompson for the freshstep and crystal litter!

Thank you all of our fans that share so generously on Facebook!