Saturday, June 7, 2014



Thank you so much to everyone that bid for our 2012 cookbook!
Your generosity has blown us away!

We are going to reprint the book.  Watch for our 
announcement in July.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!!

We are blown away at your generosity and kindness!!!
Amazon never gives us your contact informaton so we are unable to
personally message you with our thanks.  Please know how grateful we
are to you for your support!!

Thank you Bridget Penner for the food and scratch and rest!
Thank you Cathy Good for the trixie cat tree!
Thank you Eustacia Pratt for the rug and bowls!
Thank you First Medical Equipment for the gloves, trashbags and bird seed!
Thank you Jeffrey Black for the foods!
Thank you Lorna SteMarie for the food bowls!
Thank you Mara Siets for the turbo scratcher!
Thank you marcia Errett for the gain and freshstep!
Thank you Miroslava Pavlova for the toy!
Thank you Patricia Bailey for the tower of tracks and hurricane toy!
Thank you Robin McDaniel for the trixie cat tree and toys!
Thank you Sherry Harrison for the bows, litter and batteries!
Thank you Sheryl Harrison for the karma kube!
Thank you Tom Palmer for the food bowls and toys!
Thank you Wendy Barnest-Thomassen for the toys!

We are bless to have so many wonderful
supporters that sell and share their
auctions with the cats live on eBay

and bless to have so many people that donate to the cats when they buy from one 
of our charity auctions!

Here is an auction for cat toys!