Sunday, June 15, 2014


Thank you to everyone that came and 
visited our open house on 6/14!
We appreciate your sharing your time with us!

Stevie and Holly

Charity and "mom".  Charity is under doctors care for
her eye infections that she arrived with.

Brian and Tiffany

A visitor with Meadow

Debbie and Angel

Lily & Christine

Ginny & Chester

Ginny & Candy being the baby

Thank you so much  for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

We are blown away at your kindness!!  Amazon often does not tell us your names,  they NEVER give us your contact info so we are not able to personally message you.  Please know how grateful we are to your for your kindness!

These gifts were opened over several days.

Dee having fun at box opening

Thank you April Squires for the food and trashbags!
Thank you Maryjane Navarro for the batteries!
Thank you Dawn Kell for the toys!
Thank you Dorothy Lewis for the trixie tree and bird seed!
Thank you Yun Chen for the turbo pads!

Steve, Jackie  and Dee  our guest box openers

Thank you Lisa Nowak for the food!
Thank you Kimberly Tischer for the tower of tracks!
Thank you Ruth Simmons for the food!
Thank you unnamed for all the food from

Rudy likes boxes
Thank you Dean Brown for the clippers!
Thank you Nickiellen Flick for the hummingbird nectar and batteries!
Thank you Oliver Czernetz for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the sponges, Q-tips, freshstep, tent, food, toys and clippers!
Thank you Joanna Basara for the food and toys!
Thank you Jennifer Welsh for the gain and rainbow!

Lily checking out the great gifts!

Thank you Lisa Rogers for the toys!
Thank you Catherine Creel for the toys and food!
Thank you Glenys Kimber for the hand sanitizer!
Thank you Richard Shrader for the gain!
Thank you Inessa Williams for the food and blanket!

Brian assembled a gift

Thank you Cynthia Cranford for the swiffer, hummingbird food and batteries!
Thank you unnamed for the really cool animal beds!!
Thank you Donna Patton for the food!
Thank you Nicole Ribis for the food!

Thank you Kourtney Culver for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Regina for the magic erasers!
Thank you Cynthia Cranford for the batteries, locomotion toy and Gain!
Thank you Auntie Hoder for the toys!

Debbie, Brian and Ginny doing boxes

We WILL be opening boxes tonight at 6:30 pm EST  LIVE on
Hope you join us!