Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snicker questions Candy about upcoming surgery

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! I'm back with an all new exclusive interview with none other than the sweetheart of BCR, Candy! We've heard she's having an upcoming surgery and we wanted to ask her all about it, as well as her life here at BCR! Thanks so much for agreeing to be here Candy!

CANDY: What? Sorry, I can't hear you very well, if you could speak up I'd really appreciate it!

SNICKER: I was just saying.........

CANDY: A little louder please.


CANDY: Well jeez louise snicker, you don't have to scream at me... Doesn't seem to me like you're happy to see me at all. 

SNICKER: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, I just wanted you to be able to hear me.

CANDY: Well, this volume works perfectly. 

SNICKER: Great. So, I've heard you're having surgery soon. What's going on?

CANDY: Well, I know I have an ear problem. The beautiful ladies are always cleaning my ears out and finding gooey yucky stuff. Momma took me to the vet again and they said I have a... pup...

SNICKER:  You have a dog in your ear?  Can you hear it barking??

CANDY:  Oh my gosh, a DOG!!!!

SNICKER:  How can you have a dog in your ear?  Are you sure it is a pup and not a polyp?

CANDY: Is that the thing that Popcorn had?  I will google it:


CANDY: Then yes, that's what it is. 

SNICKER: Oh. So are you nervous about having a surgery?

CANDY: Should I be?.......... I don't even know what a surgery is. 

SNICKER: Well,...........I am not sure if I should tell you because I don't want to scare you.  But they are going to make an incision, or cut, and remove your polyp.


SNICKER: Don't worry Candy. It's nothing too serious. It's to help you.

CANDY: Says the guy who isn't undergoing an operation!

SNICKER: That's true.  :)    I hear mom found an amazing specialist that did Popcorn's surgery.

CANDY: Popcorn still had that weird head tilt... Will I be like that?

SNICKER: Probably at first. Anytime you mess with the ears it can throw off your balance.

CANDY: I don't know... Sounds scary. 

SNICKER: I don't think you have anything to be worried about. I hear the specialist is great, and apparently, according to mom very attractive.

Dr. Trumpatori

CANDY: Oh really?


CANDY: Keep talking, you're starting to make this sound better. 

SNICKER: Well, there is always a down side... You might not be able to hear. It's always a possibility with this type of surgery I've heard.

CANDY: ................................................................................ Hmmm.... Well, I don't think that sounds all that bad. If I were to lose my hearing, I wouldn't have to listen to Autumn sing. She's such a horrible singer!

SNICKER: Yeah, I've heard her. It's pitiful!

CANDY: I know! Hearing loss might be a blessing in disguise.

SNICKER: So how much is this surgery going to cost? 

CANDY: Well, mom says around $3,500, or in kitty terms 137 cases of my favorite kitty food, or 593 of my favorite kitty toys!
A whole bunch of cans

SNICKER: Wow! That's a lot of food!

CANDY: Yeah, I don't know much about money, but when we start talking kitty food and toys it all starts to make sense. This surgery isn't cheap!

SNICKER: Well, I'm sure we have people out there who would love to donate towards your surgery or towards something on the wishlist, maybe you should give them that information!

CANDY: If you'd like to donate,  you can donate here:

Cash for Candy:

 If you'd like to help lighten the load and want to send us kitties something special, you can always go to our Amazon wishlist and pick us out something delightful!

SNICKER: Great! So, tell us how you came to be here at BCR.

CANDY: Well, I honestly don't remember much before getting here. I was pretty young. I think mom said I came from Charlotte animal control. 

SNICKER: We're all glad you're here. How do you like it here?

CANDY: I love it. I just love people. I love knowing that I have the ability to crawl onto someones lap and calm them almost immediately. It's like a super power I have. 

SNICKER: I've heard you could do that! So the rumors are true! Maybe you do have some sort of mystical calming powers. 

CANDY: Haha maybe.

SNICKER: It's about time for me to wrap this interview up. I really enjoyed having you on the show today. I wish you much luck with your upcoming surgery and you'll definitely be in my thoughts. Is there anything you'd like to say to your adoring fans.

CANDY: Thank you all so much for being so amazing. I love the fact that so many people love me. So much love going around can only create a better world. I love you all.

Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer