Saturday, June 8, 2013

Down at the Farm

If you watch us live on (Ustream)  you often will hear Jennifer & I mentioned the farm animals and our garden.  Today I thought I would take the camera with me and take pictures of all the animals and garden.

green beans,  hope Jennifer really likes eating beans

Peas, Peanuts, blue berries & winter squash just coming up


My fruit trees,  banana, lemons, limes, oranges  1 year and 2 year

Our killer watermelon
Blueberry almost ready,  unless the birds get to it first

Pigs having breakfast

My neighbors cows and acre between them that I need to mow

Two of my mini donkeys,  no not pregnant, just fat and you can see how behind the mowing is in here

All 4 donkeys

Honey, the mini horse

A few of the guineas and another large area to be mowed

ET (Evil Turkey) and a couple of the chickens

Front yard standing near the house.  When you hear me say I have acres to mow,  this is a good part of it.

The chickens out by the front fence if you look hard

Building Two  (felv/fiv house)

Building one  (blind house)

Part of the horses pasture and more area for me to mow

Another angle of the horses house and pasture

The horses
Back of house 2  (one looks the same,  door are down some because of the rain yesterday)

Mimosa tree marking Gracies grave.  One of our first Blind Cats

Huge butterfly bush marking our first Stevie's grave

This was our original memorial garden...had lots of rose bushes planted but most of them down...
 Another area that needs to be mowed.

Looking down the driveway,  the hazard of ET and the chickens that drivers
have to watch out for.

Ricky cleaning up some old food that the cats wasted