Monday, June 10, 2013

Box Opening 6/8/2013

Thank you so much for the gifts for the cats from our Amazon Wish list!

Thank you Anna Maraccia for the pineapple beds from our Amazon Wish list!! 
The cats love them!!

The cats say  "what's in the box??"

Thank you Helen Conley,  Katherine Takach, Sandra Webb  for all the scratch and rest!!
These are the cats absolute favorite!!

Thank you Unnamed (amazon did not tell us who you are!!) for the Food, toys and litter!!
That was so very kind of you!!

Thank you unnamed (amazon did not tell us who you are!) for the balls!!
These are great because the cats can not put them under the fences :)

Thank you unnamed for the Freshstep!!  We go through
60 boxes a month so we are very grateful to you for the litter!!

We use the freshstep points to get tunnels for the cats! If you have points
that you don't use,  we would sure love them!!

Paul loves the tunnels!

The cats also say Thank you so much to unnamed for the foods & toys that you sent!!!
They had so much fun with your boxes!!