Monday, June 17, 2013

The Wheel. The Bird. The Cats.

Hey there everyone! Snicker here! I've decided to interview a few of those crazy kitties in room 4! Sandy, Pixie, and Mickey! This ought to be a very interesting interview!

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.

PIXIE: Of course, we love you!

SNICKER: So, Pixie, tell me about the wheel. You're on it all the time!

PIXIE: Well, at first it started with me having low self esteem. I thought I was a little bit overweight. I mean, when you have a cat that looks like Autumn walking around, you strive to be the best cat you can be.

SNICKER: So you run all the time because you wanted to get fit?


SANDY: I know I'm a guy and this won't matter to her, but I thought she was always beautiful, even before she started running on the wheel.

SNICKER: Aww, well that's such a nice thing to say! I'm sure Ms. Pixie appreciates that.

PIXIE: Oh yes, I definitely like hearing stuff like that!

SNICKER: So, I guess a question everyone is dying to know the answer to is, are you two an item?

SANDY: We are best friends!

PIXIE: Yes, definitely best friends! He's just so awesome!

SNICKER: Well, that's great! So tell me about the wheel.

SANDY: Well, the wheel is amazing for cats who like to keep a nice trim figure. I do slight jogging and walking, but Pixie goes all out. She's all about sprinting! She's super fit.

PIXIE: Yeah, I like to sprint! The wheel is great, but you have to have the motivation to actually want to run on it. Mom bought it for us. We have about 88 cats that live here at Blind Cat Rescue and only about 6 of us use the wheel. That wheel runs about $400 dollars. So, if you are considering getting a wheel, make sure you are really motivated!

SANDY: I hear that Zoe in room 1 uses the wheel nonstop. I know she has some sort of heart defect. We've all heard that cardio helps make the heart strong, personally, I believe that's why she's still with us!

SNICKER: Wow! Maybe I need to get a wheel! So, how often do you guys like to run on the wheel?

PIXIE: As often as possible. We also like to both get on the wheel and then go in separate directions. It gives us resistance and makes for a much better workout!


SNICKER: So, when you first got on the wheel, did you realize it was a wheel, or did you think you were actually running towards something.

SANDY: I definitely knew it was a wheel. Pixie on the other hand thought she was chasing Emily! It was so funny! She was so surprised when she figured out is was a wheel!

PIXIE: He's joking, I totally knew it was a wheel the whole time.

SANDY: No, you didn't.

PIXIE: Yes, I did.

SNICKER: Ha ha ok, well lets change the subject, shall we? Mickey, you've been awfully quiet, do you ever get on the wheel?

MICKEY: Nope. I spend most of my time running around the room, chasing bugs, birds, and waiting for the door to open so I can run out and play with the people!

SNICKER: Wait, you chase birds? How the heck did you chase a bird?

MICKEY: Yep, I chase birds. Not very often... Not many like to come out onto the catio, but when they do, I'm there waiting!

PIXIE: He's serious! He loves to chase things! You should have seen the bird he caught today!

SNICKER: You caught a bird today?!!?


SNICKER: I don't mean to sound... insensitive, but you're blind, how do you catch a bird?

MICKEY: I have spectacular hearing! Not having eyesight has just made my other senses even keener! It's not often that a bird will fly onto the catio. Let's face it, the birds can see. If they fly onto the catio and see all of us out there, there might be something wrong with that birds brain! Ha Ha Ha, get it? Bird brain?

SNICKER/PIXIE/SANDY: Hahahahahahahaha

MICKEY: Yeah, I'm funny. Anyway, a bird decided to come onto the catio today. Let's face it. I'm a CAT! Humans make toys with feathers on them for a reason!

SNICKER: Well, you are definitely a cat! No doubts about that! Well everyone, it's about time for me to wrap this interview up! Thank you Pixie, Sandy, and Mickey for taking the time out of your day to speak with me!


Written by Snicker
Edited by Jennifer