Thursday, June 27, 2013

Open House June 22-2013

Open House is a very special day every month where people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, come to visit all of us cats! Every month people drive from long distances just to experience how awesome we are! We have anywhere from 20 to 30 people show up every month.

I thought it would be a good idea to ask a couple humans and kitties their opinions about Blind Cat Rescue!
The first person I spoke to was Bill! He spent a lot of great quality time cuddling with me and all the kitties, so I asked him what he thought of BCR.

Bill & Snicker

"One word - LOVE"

I thought it was perfect that he said that, because here at BCR I do feel loved and at Open House I feel quadruple loved! Especially when Bill is cuddling with me.

I talk to Jill and she told me why she absolutely loves BCR. She had so many great things to say, I videotaped it instead of trying to write it down!

Isn't she so nice. She made these wonderful catnip pouches! We love them! I saw Simon going crazy for them! Jill is so great at making stuff for us! She even brought us a cool kitty cube! I definitely remember seeing Candy laying inside and Autumn laying on top of it. I think it's definitely got a great cat approval rating!

Candy in the cool cube

Catnip toys Jill made

Paul was telling me what a wonderful time he had!  He said tons of people came to see him and the other kitties in his room. Paul loves the Open Houses every month. He gets to cuddle with the humans and that just so happens to be one of his favorite things in the whole wide world. "I love Open House, all the young whipper snappers and the older humans get together to come visit. It's a beautiful sight to behold," said Paul.

I found another human, Ryan, who told me what he thought of Blind Cat Rescue. "This is a wonderful place. I love seeing all the lovely cats. BCR is great because without it these cats probably would have never had the chance to live such a wonderful life. I love Blind Cat Rescue!".
I saw Ryan loving on all the cats during Open House, but especially Queen Hope. Ryan says about Queen Hope, "I feel in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her. She's beautiful and such a loving cat. She's one of my favorites!".

Scotty and Greta told me about all of the loving they received on Open House. "Everyone knows that we love humans, so obviously any day that has a bunch of humans here to love on us, will be our favorite day ever! Bunches of people let us hug and cuddle them! It was wonderful!!!".

Greta & Lori
Scotty and Glen
 In an effort to cool off for the summer and make wonderful donations for Blind Cat Rescue, our mom, Alana, had her head shaved! It was so cool! Everyone was laughing and having a great time!

All in all, Open House was spectacular! Everyone had a fantastic time!
 I can't wait for out next Open House! We hope to see you there!