Friday, June 14, 2013

Riley Takes A Swim

Hello everyone! Riley here and I've taken over for Snicker today! I've got a great entry for you though, so don't worry.

So, as some of you may know, I went swimming today! I can't actually say it's something I'm overly fond of, but I do realize that I've packed on the pounds over the years and swimming is a great way to drop the weight. Now, I hate water just as much as the next cat, but I have to say, I think some of you are being super dramatic!

This is the video of me swimming,   aren't I cute?

Virginia was also put in the pool today. She was in for maybe 2 minutes!!! I was in for like 15! I'm way chunkier than her!!! Anyways, Virginia "pussed in boots out". She wasn't having any of it. Such a DIVA if you ask me. I'll tell you what though... She wasn't nearly as bad as Mack!

Like, for real? Mack was watching me swim the entire time! All wide eyed and silly looking. He walked right up to the pool like he wanted to hop in. When momma tried to get him in he had a hissy fit! Literally!!! He acted like he was being dropped into a cauldron of lava! It was quite hysterical! It looked like his eye balls were going to pop out of his head!

I must say, I did the best today! I didn't throw a hissy fit and become a diva and I got a great little workout in. Before you know it I'll be looking like Emily and Autumn and healthy! I can't wait!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!! Mom hopped in the pool with me and she knocked out a bunch of my water! She is so silly. I love her because she's a really good personal trainer and I definitely need it!

Well, that was my day, and I'm super tired. I'm headed to bed. I'll talk you all tomorrow! Goodnight everyone!