Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today's blog is about sweet Gina.   Gina was dropped off at the pound in Manhattan NY.  According to her paperwork from the pound,  she was 9 years old and this person had her for 1 year.  They put no longer want on her paperwork.    How sad is that?

She was posted on Facebook and we said we could take her if someone in NY could get her out of the pound and help get her to us.  2 people stepped up to the plate.  Giovanni picked her up at the pound and kept her over night,  drove her 1/2 way and Steven in Virginia picked her up and drove her the rest of the way.

Her pound picture

This poor little cat was in horrible shape!   She had never been spayed,  had 2 large uterine cysts,  hard glaucoma eyes and rotten teeth.

Day after surgery

We got her to the vet immediately.

It took a little bit of time for her to learn to trust,  Who could blame her! But now she is a sweet happy little girl who loves laps.

You may watch her and her room mates Live on http://ustream.tv/blindcatrescue  every Tuesday

The cats say Thank you for the gifts 
from our Amazon Wish list!!


Amazon often does not tell us who you are  and
they NEVER tell us how to contact you, 
Please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness!

Thank you Ellie Goodbread for the food, sponges, stinkeys, 
scratch and rests, trash bags, Q-tips, Gain, ear cleaner and Toys!
Thank you Erin Morris for the toys, sponges and cleaner!
Thank you Cindy Jordan for the tunnel and cube!
Thank you Ron Fleming for the stinkies!

Our guest openers from Canada  Gereen & Charlene
Thank you Janne Thayer for the food!
Thank you Dan Shamblin for the food!
Thank you Stephanie Mattesich for the food!
Thank you Cindy Jordan for the food!
Thank you Aleaha Travis for the tunnel, Q-tips and food!

Thank you Ms. KM Griffiths for the fish bed!
Thank you Cathy Good for the food!
Thank you Robert Duarte for the toys!
Thank you Ema Tittensor for the freshstep!
Thank you Rachel P. for the food, Gain and cleaner!
Thank you Catherine Meredith for the food, toy and Q-tips!

Thank you Karin for the dishwashing soap, Q-tips and cleaners!
Thank you Natasha Rios for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Tammy Scanlon for the fish bed and dryer sheets!
Thank you Helena McElhinney for the stinkies!
Thank you Kelly Pederson for the food!
Thank you Ema Tittensor for the laundry soap, dish soap and Q-tips!

Thank you Angus McDonald for the toys, foods, and cleaners!
Thank you unnamed for the foods, toys, catnip, swifters, cleaners,  cat cube, undercover mouse, freshstep, trashbags,  scratch and rests, and paper towels,  cat eggs,