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How I Cope With My Personal Loss
by Fiona

There is no such thing as right or wrong in the grieving process. There is no time limit!
A good friend is one who listens well, and doesn't try to “convince” you of anything.
A simple card and “I’m sorry” from a friend makes a difference.

You may find yourself impatient, frustrated or angry with well-meaning friends and family. Remember, your feelings are valid. Your reactions are valid. If you can, try just walking away to let overwhelming feelings dissipate. It’s normal to get very angry and “explode” at somebody. Your good friends will understand.

The night my Dad died, Mom and I were tending to him – and something I did made my Mom really angry and she said something really mean. I was so angry at her I was shaking and sobbing. I decided to walk out to the yard until I cooled off. Mom came out after me to continue the tirade. I was so hurt, and I didn't want to hurt back. The only thing I could think to do was drive home (3 miles away) until I calmed down, and go back again. That’s what I did. We reconciled, pulled together again, and Dad died a few hours later.

When my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, I didn't have the option of denial – I knew EXACTLY what was coming, and that everything was going to be down to me. That’s a hard position to be in. I don’t recall being angry, except at times I wish I’d had more professional help. I knew I had to be strong for Mom’s sake

When some people lose their pet, they choose to bury their pet – if you do, dig as deep as you can and place stones over the grave so wildlife won’t detect and dig up your beloved pet. You can plant a good sized bush to help protect the site and make your own Memorial Garden.
My own choice was to cremate Paddy, partly because I really wasn't sure what my future held and I didn’t want to bury him and then have to “leave him behind.” Seven months later, I still have his ashes. Now that I own my house and am very sure I won’t be moving, I feel a lot more comfortable scattering or burying his ashes with a memorial planting. I had also bought him a nice little wooden urn. Once I've put his ashes to rest, I will use this beautiful box as a keepsake box with a picture, a toy, anything that will remind me of him. I think there’s a reassuring aspect to choosing cremation- he’s still with me and always will be.
With pets, we have only our friends and loved ones to turn to when we’re in this boat. When our pets are sick, there’s no Hospice service for pets. I wish there were, because they are angels on earth!

It doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times you go through it. But the second time around with Mom, and third time around with Paddy, I did already have my own coping mechanisms in place, ones I had learned that work for me. Not necessarily anyone else – just me.

Hope these thoughts are helpful. 

I want to thank our friend and BCR supporter, Fiona, for sharing her personal experiences with loss. Fiona’s experiences with the loss of her parents and pet recreated the same feelings of loss each time. She found what helped her cope with her personal losses. When she needed coping skills, she knew what worked for her – Fiona had developed her own path back from the sadness of great personal loss to enjoying  and living life so she can give back to others.