Friday, April 11, 2014


Good morning!!  It is open house weekend!!  
We will be power washing today.

Ustream went down last night so we did NOT get to do boxes last night

We WILL do boxes after noon tour today.  Come watch MooCowGuy and his 
beautiful wife do the boxes today!!

Fiona, Seth and Catherine will do boxes tonight at 6:30 pm EST

Thank you so much for your gifts from our 
Amazon Wish list!

Thank you Rosemary Oliver for the Amazon gift card!
Thank you Jasen Wallace for the Amazon Gift card! (Happy Birthday Sheila!)
Thank you  Michele Walding for the freshstep!
Thank you Andrew years for the toy and food!


Thank you Sarah Beckley for the toys and catnip!
Thank you Beverly Kay for the clock and carrier!
Thank you Laura Sapp for the food and toys!
Thank you Peter Staack for the food!
Thank you Lorna SteMarie for the toys and food!

Thank you Scott Migaldi for the food and litter!
Thank you Heather Crossland for the Gain and food!
Thank you marianne Kanfer for the food!
Thank you Emily Chapman for the throws!

Thank you Michele Tiner for the foods!
Thank you Susan Souther for the toys!
Thank you southern cat for the roses!

Thank you unnamed for the toys, freshstep,  play cubes, trash bags,  foods, towels!
Sadly they did not tell us who you are but we are very grateful for your generosity and kindness!!